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Dreamweaver MX 2004 “Viewing the Workspace” Mrs. Wilson.

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1 Dreamweaver MX 2004 “Viewing the Workspace” Mrs. Wilson

2 WYSIWIG “What you see is what you get!” As you design a Web page in Dreamweaver, you are seeing the page exactly as it will appear in a browser window.

3 Create Web pages or Web sites Web pages –A collection of “text” in HTML format combined with images in special image formats. Web sites –A collection of related web pages. Servers –Web pages and Web sites are stored on servers, computers connected to the Internet.

4 Use Roundtrip HTML Roundtrip HTML –means that HTML files created in other programs can be opened in Dreamweaver without Dreamweaver adding additional coding.

5 Manage Web sites Dreamweaver lets you manage Web site pages to ensure that all the links, or connections among the pages, work properly. As a Web site grows with the addition of new pages, this becomes a very important feature. One important management tool-- site map –the site map, a graphical representation of your Web pages that shows how the pages relate to each other.

6 The Workspace The workspace consists of the Document window The menu bar Toolbars Inspectors Panels You must decide between “Designer” and “Coder” layout when you first use the program.

7 The Workspace (windows, toolbars, and panels)

8 Panel Groups Sets of related panels that are grouped together.

9 Inspectors Are palettes that display the properties of the currently selected object They allow you to make formatting changes quickly and easily, without having to open menus

10 Assignment Complete a short handout setting up a simple web page on Harry Potter. Open a new HTML document. Identify the parts of the workspace. Quiz tomorrow on parts of the workspace, WYSIWYG, and Web site.

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