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Web Content, Ad Copy, Blogs, Social Networking, Research-based Articles.

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1 Web Content, Ad Copy, Blogs, Social Networking, Research-based Articles

2  Rich experience in web and SEO content since 1999  Offering clients high quality web, online ads and SEO copywriting services  Strategy planning, creating new content, improving existing content

3  Entertainment – Deliver information interestingly  Awareness – Create value, raise knowledge  Response – Compel, persuade  Engagement – Convince the customer to act  Purchase – Help the customer make a buying decision  Loyalty – Make the customer come back for more

4 How Content Positions Your Brand Project happenings Highlight USP, benefits in animated banner Announce new rates, schemes Show benefits of using product Highlight key features Invite constructive action Induce customer queries

5 At Wisitech we develop compelling content that:  Introduces and enhances the identity of the business/ website/ organisation  Persuades, compels readers to take an action  Builds brand awareness, equity & credibility  Propels website towards better search engine rankings.

6 Content TypeContent Presentation  Text  Graphics  Video and Animation  Audio  Web  Marketing  Web Pages  Articles  Blog Posts  Press Releases  Social Networking  Ad Copywriting  Case Studies  Corporate Presentations  E-learning

7 We develop customised content aimed at establishing a clear line of communication between the reader and the web site.  It provides unique and useful information  It catches reader attention within seconds  It blends the website’s purpose with customer’s requirements

8 ► Crisp and racy presentation ► A wealth of well-researched information ► Highlights benefits and features of the products/ services ► Clean, accurate and free of grammatical errors ► Includes a persuasive “call to action” Click Me

9 We develop search engine optimized content, loaded with SEO friendly elements  Appropriate, relevant keywords  Keyword-rich meta tags for each page  Strategic keyword placement  Accurate grammar  Rich in useful information  Deep linking with other pages  Conversational, easy style  Compatible with Web 2.0 standards

10 SEO-rich Article Submissions Keyword-rich catchy headlines Deeply researched information-rich copy Neat structure with sub- heads Hot current topics

11 SEO Content Process Edit content, fine tune script Edit content, cross-check facts Add meta tags in pages, check keyword density Content creation for SEO-friendly web pages Publish, promote, track performance Understand Creative Brief & Client Requirements Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research Research Information, collect data Create content plan, decide topics Write content, insert keywords

12  Impact headlines, catchy, crisp copy  Tone which encourages readers to participate, collaborate and explore further  Style that positions products/ services/ brands engagingly with customers

13  Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI, is a way for search engines to view and rank web pages in a more natural, or human, manner.  The LSI algorithms analyze pages not only for keywords, but also for synonyms and other related words which might be expected to be present.  We develop themed articles on a broad scale rather than centering around one keyword.  With regards to your keywords, we include synonyms, related words, plurals, and various tenses whenever possible throughout the articles.

14 Blogs – Creating the Buzz Educative, informative copy Prominent positioning of the brand Provide value to the reader Tag to relevant links

15  Our content whips up strong emotions as viral marketing is 100% about emotions  Give readers something different, something unexpected which evokes strong positive responses  Create compelling copy to induce people to forward the mail to their contacts  No in-your-face marketing – we make it subtle but persuasive Going Viral FunnyAmazing Insightful Very Helpful & Unique

16 Content That Delivers Results… 76/2 East of Kailash, New Delhi - 110065 India US: 877.807.0347, 707.633.4004 India: +91.11.6566.9361, 4132.6507 Fax: 011.4651.6521

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