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Making your Zongony Adventure Badge Book By Mrs. Fisher.

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1 Making your Zongony Adventure Badge Book By Mrs. Fisher

2 All text in the top half of the document should be upside-down facing the top edge. Also check to make sure that everything you typed into the text boxes is there and did not ‘overflow’ the original text boxes. Before Printing Make Sure All Text Boxes Are In Their Original Position (See the next slide for an illustration)

3 Zongony Adventure Badge Book Task Definition What’s the main problem? What information will you need to solve the problem? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Place Badge Here This booklet belongs to: and From the _______Classroom Place Badge Here Place Badge Here Place Badge Here Place Badge Here Place Badge Here Information Seeking Strategies Which sources are best? Location and Access Where are the best sources located? What were some of the sources you found? (Look ahead in the next section and list the sources.) 1. 2. 3. *Note: #3 is a primary source. Use of Information What information is useful to me? (take notes on a separate piece of paper ) Synthesis What do you use to organize your information? What do you do 1st? What else do you do in presenting your information? Evaluation Did you do what you wanted? Did you do it the best way possible? Would you change anything next time? What?

4 Now You May Print... However— Make sure you click on the “Print Displayed Picture” box when the “Linked Picture” textbox pops up— Or Your picture on the cover will not print!

5 After You Have Printed Your Booklet—Fold It Following These Instructions: With the print-side on the outside, put the two long edges together and crease...

6 Next fold up the cover on the first line of the booklet...

7 Then at the opposite end, fold the back pages in the same way you folded the cover pages.

8 Fold back on this last crease, so that these back pages bend easily both ways.

9 Now fold the middle part of the book forwards and backwards on the middle line.

10 Poke a hole on the first crease that you made near the dotted line and..

11 Cut along this crease only as far as the dotted line goes.

12 Now separate the middle section into two different sections like this.

13 And your booklet will start to form...

14 almost by itself!

15 And... “VOILA” Your badge book is ready for use! With just a little more creasing...

16 Credits Zongony Adventure Badge Book was created by Mrs. Fisher based on a website by Jennifer N. Long titled Zongony Adventure located at: Zongony Graphic Warning symbol accessed at GOOGLE IMAGE on March 1, 2009.


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