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Question 1. Emily Hemmings. Question 1. Emily Hemmings.

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1 Question 1. Emily Hemmings. Question 1. Emily Hemmings.

2 My open title sequence conforms of a mysterious and religious thriller with a young teenage girl having to choose big decisions between her love of god and social life that a typical 17 year old would have in the middle of a big city of excitement which is full of mystery.

3 This is the synopsis that I wrote myself to describe the film of our opening title sequence: ‘’As Brighton is ravaged by a string of drug overdoses and mysterious crimes, devoted Christian Pearl Wickens goes against everything she once believed in. Surrounded in a world of danger and uncertainty, can her alliances with friends and family help her through this time of peril? Will she make it out alive? In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her carefree life on the streets or her allegiance to God - knowing her potential to ignite the ageless struggle between popularity and love with the generation swiftly upcoming. Pearl has vital decisions to make: life or death? Heaven or Hell? But which is which?’’ 'You're a disgrace to this family. You're a disgrace to this family. You're a disgrace to this family.'

4 The Title of the film. The title of the film that we have created called ‘hidden’ is shown on the screen at first in a distorted font so is hard to read then clears out to show a clear plain font. We choose the font black because we thought it was go well on the clear back screen as black and white are a contrast of each other, it is as if the white is hiding behind the plain black font. We choose to use capitals as its clearer and more easier to read for the lazy viewers also to show and represent importance to the audience watching. Also ‘Hidden’ means ‘black’ in roman so this is also can link together.

5 Setting/Location. The setting we choose to use was a deserted park in the middle of Brighton called ‘Stammer Park.’ We decided to shoot here as it was very quiet so we would have minimal distraction and background noise. We also choose this place as the tree’s were bear showing that the character couldn’t hide here despite the title ‘hidden.’ Also in some of these shots you will see the tree’s have been painted on, we also thought we would use this for effect and to remind the viewers of Pearl, the main characters youth.

6 Costume & Props. In our film ‘hidden’ the main character Pearl was from a religious background. We decided for me to wear the anti-christ jumper to show her rebelling against her strict catholic parents that are a big part of Pearl’s life. We also decided for me playing Pearl to wear a vans beanie hat to represent her youth and also to remind the audience she is still in her teenage years. We also used a water bottle as a prop as if Pearl was drinking straight vodka while she gags in the opening title sequence.

7 Camerawork & Editing In this shot we used the water bottle as if she was drinking straight vodka out of a bottle, we used a GO PRO camera and placed it in the bottle as we lifted to make it look as if I was drinking it. This bottle also has a large amount of significance because the shot before is of inside the bottle near the start of the film showing a POV of my mouth while drinking the liquid out of the clear borttle, you see in this image how distressed I am is when consuming the drink, making the audience think that she is drinking alcohol rather than water.

8 Title font & Style The titles we used were simple and clear. We decided to make them simple and clear so that the audience could see who was apart of the film easily and to give the right people credit. We also decided to use black and blue as we thought it looked good on all the different background shots we had, both the blue and black standing out on top of the image.

9 Story & how the OTS Sets it up. One of the first shots you see is Pearl running through the deserted woods, this sets up a feeling that she is being chased and she looks around suspiciously as she runs away. The woods set up a feeling of mystery as many things can hide behind different sized tree’s. We feel suspense at the music takes its place to add effect to the opening title sequence that we have created which is typical in a thriller.

10 Genre & how the OTS suggests it. Our opening title is typical of a thriller. It is shown in many different ways for example in these different shots we see Pearl fall as someone screams at her and comes close to her this can add suspense and fear making the audience seem uneasy as we don’t know what happens to pearl or if she is injured for example. The music also helps show the thriller genre as it is dark and mysterious which is typical in a thriller genre.

11 How characters are introduced. Characters are introduced on different camera shots, although my shot is of me as my name is introduced. We decided to do this so the different names and acts are easy to read over plain backgrounds.

12 Special Effects. The next is of how we did the special effects we used this shot as it shows how we changed the colour of the shot to show that she is pacing out and we did the effect where the clip got brighter until it went to a white screen and went to the titles. This shows that we are able to colour correct and use key frames to make the clips go larger. We decided to use this to show effect as if she was disappearing or hiding from certain things.

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