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A2 MEDIA Research and Planning George Barr, George Miles, Kyle Hayward MUSIC VIDEO.

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1 A2 MEDIA Research and Planning George Barr, George Miles, Kyle Hayward MUSIC VIDEO

2 Research existing videos 1 The Coral ‘Skeleton Key’ As part of making our own music video we have had to do some research of some music videos prior to us doing our own filming. We are doing this so we can get some ideas of props, camera shots and special effects that we would like to use. One of the music videos that I am analyzing is ‘Skeleton Key’ by The Coral. The band we are basing our music video on is The Skellion Gang who have a similar style of music to The Coral and therefore we thought looking at one of there videos would inspire us to get ideas. The ‘Skeleton Key’ video is set outside a derelict lighthouse in the middle of nowhere. We decided to use the idea of setting the video in the middle of nowhere and therefore we chose to use the woods as our setting. We chose this as we believe it will convey the message we want to out across to our audience. As well as the song we are doing a video for is called ‘Hiding in the trees’. The Coral have used a fish eye lense but have used a low angled shot, throughout the video they stand and look down into the camera. We have decided we are going to use some low angled shots throughout the video as we believe it will give the trippy effect we are looking for in the woods. In the Skeleton key video some members of the band can be seen with animal heads on. This idea is very weird and we will be using it in order to make our video trippy. We have decided that throughout the video we will have people wearing animal heads as our intentions are to make our video very strange. Throughout the video we see a lot of strange images and settings, we are going to use this aspect in our music video as we believe it will make our intentions obvious but we also want to tell a story throughout the video.

3 Research existing videos 2 Jay Z ‘On to the next one’ Immediately from watching Jay-z’s music video its quite clear it’s a unique take on music video, From the start until the finish the music video is one some might call disturbing. It seems as there is no clear storyline rather just a sequence of random and strange images/people in twined with Jay-z scattered through the video performing in a sunglasses and a circle of small lights behind him. We see images varying from Sneakers (Shoes) bleeding white fluids to basketballs on fire bouncing, there’s also a lot of reference to the number three throughout, the number is persistently seen but not in its number form For example there’s 3 lines on a car shown, 3 milk bottles, 3 lights shining, 3 stripes on a wad of dollars etc.. I personally believe this is to promote his album ‘The Blueprint 3’ however the music video has attracted the attention of conspiracy theories claiming the video has hidden meanings in the images linking him to a underground society named the ‘Illumaniti’. Within our media group we are going to take elements of this music video and insert them into our own music video, we are looking to use the idea of linking the random images within our music video however linked to the clear story we are looking to portray, we think this idea could help give our piece a more effective and eerie edge as this is the feel we are looking for.

4 Props Deck Chair Panda Mask Pig Mask Wild Boar Mask Horse Mask Electric Guitar (Fender Jazzmaster Black) Drum snare (Black) Claves Triangle

5 Costume Kyle Hayward- Black Joggers, Black T-Shirt, Black Plimsolls, Panda Head George Barr- Black Trousers, Black Hoody, Black Plimsolls, Pig Head George Miles- Black Joggers, Black Hoody, Black Plimsolls, Wild Boar Head Aaron Lewis- Black Track pants, White T-shirt, Black Trainers, (Horse Head)

6 Location The location for the music video is Corley Rocks. The location can be found on the outskirts of Bedworth. The location consists of a large wooded area, different levels to film from and a field to the top of the rocks, all will be used in the video. Corley Rocks

7 Location Large wooded area, this will be the main setting for the music video. Large field to the top of the rocks, this is where the final shot of the video will take place, when the young man conforms into the animal Here is where we will park the car, location is easily accessed from the car park

8 The Skellion Gang Myself and my band The Skellion Gang wrote the song Hiding in the Trees which is the music we are basing our music video on. Our intentions whilst writing our songs was to create something different, we decided to create music like this because we wanted to make music that no one had heard before. Our decisions as a band for the music were to use strange effects and more instruments to create the physcadelic sound that we have. Our intentions while writing the song Hiding in the Trees were to use the idea of strange effects and the repetition of a catchy hook that would keep the audience interacted with the song. Our inspiration for the song developed after we went to watch The Coral. After watching them we realised that our music didn’t always have to make sense. For example they have a song called ‘Skeleton key’. Which is one of the songs we based our ideas upon. We’ve expanded this idea of not making sense into our music video. We thought about what we could use that wouldn’t make sense but at the same time would would convey surrealism. The ideas we used were people running around a forest in animal heads trying to possess a person they have kidnapped. We decided to use this idea as we believed it would keep the audience interacted into what was happening on screen. The idea we have is very abstract and strange but clever at the same time, we got the ideas of creating a surreal video from various album covers and other bands videos.

9 Contact list

10 Costume Test

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