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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! Sra. Damaso-Doucete (Señora D.)

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1 ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! Sra. Damaso-Doucete (Señora D.)

2 How will I be graded? You will earn a variety of grades, representing a variety of assessments. These assessments will include listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, participation, memorization, culture and homework.

3 How are grades weighted? Secondary LOTE Class Weighting For on Level courses Major grades (test &/0r projects) 51% Quizzes Homework and daily grades 20% 14% District common assessment 15%

4 What if I need to turn an assignment in late? The late work policy for pre- assigned projects and papers stated in the student handbook will be followed. This policy will also include oral assessments.

5 What if I need to be absent? If you know you’re going to be absent, ask for work in advance. Check your student handbook for the MWHS make up policy. It is YOUR responsibility to make arrangements with me. No make- up tests will be given during class.

6 What if I want to earn extra credit? Make sure that you give your best effort on all assignments. The LOTE Deopartment @ MWHS does not offer extra credit in any course.

7 What if I bomb a test? If you fail a test and would like to retest, you are more than welcome! Before being retested, you will need to attend two tutorial sessions based on my tutoring schedule. You have 1 week to complete the tutoring sessions and the retest. Please see new Re-testing guidelines

8 What if I don’t understand? Help, help!! If you find that you don’t understand a concept or materials presented in class, come to a tutorial session. My tutoring sessions: Tuesday, Thursday during B Block and after school

9 What if I don’t like speaking Spanish? You MUST speak the language. The best way to learn something is to do it! Your ‘worst’ Spanish is better than speaking English in this class. Mistakes happen and play a crucial part in the learning process.

10 What if I like to share and collaborate on all of my work? Sometimes two heads are better than one; however, there are other times where I need your effort alone. Do not use on-line translators, plagiarize or cheat on an assignment or on an assessment. You will receive a zero on all sections of the document.

11 What happens in the computer lab? We will visit the computer lab periodically to work on Spanish language materials and listen to Spanish audio. You will have assigned seats and will be financially responsible for any damages to your lab station.

12 What else do I need for this class? You will need a 3 ring binder You will also need pencils, pens, highlighters glue sticks, notebook paper AND a red pen for grading.

13 What do I bring to class each day? Be prepared with your binder, paper, pens, highlighter, glue sticks and a pencil.

14 Classroom Expectations 1.Be in your seat when the bell rings. 2.Have all you materials for class. 3.Rude or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. 4.No food, gum, or drinks. 5.Utilize tutorial time if needed.

15 How do I pass this class? Show up. Do your work. Participate Pay attention. Behave.

16 How do I get an A in this class? ask good questions when you don’t understand. memorize vocabulary promptly. listen closely to pronunciation and try to copy the sounds accurately. practice regularly and out loud. take every opportunity to speak with “experts.” Be willing to look silly and make some mistakes in order to learn.

17 LAS REGLAS DE ESPAÑOL SE PROHIBE: Hablar en inglés. Llegar a la clase tarde. Tener comida, bebida y/o masticar chicle durante la clase. Ir al armario durante la clase Hablar con otros estudiantes durante la clase sin permiso. Usar teléfono o ipod durante la clase.

18 LAS REGLAS DE ESPAÑOL HAY QUE: Hablar en español. Llegar a la clase a tiempo. Estar en el asiento cuando la clase empieza. Traer los materiales a la clase: libro, libro de ejercicios, cuaderno, papel y lápiz. Entregar la tarea a tiempo. Mantener una carpeta para la clase de español.

19 How do I get one free late homework pass for the year? Bring one box of tissues and you will receive a pass for no late penalty on one assignment.

20 How do I get one free late homework pass for the year? Bring one bottle of germ ex and you will receive a pass for no late penalty on one assignment.

21 Anything else? You, and the attitude that you bring to class, play a huge role in how this class goes for you. Make it a great year!

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