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Spring 2014 SRTA HACKETT 252-514-6400.

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4 Spring 2014 SRTA HACKETT 252-514-6400

5 Class Rules 1. Be respectful. 2. Be an active participant. 3. Come to class prepared. 4. No gum, food, drinks, or cell phones.

6 Grade Breakdown Homework – 15% Tests/Major grades – 30% Quizzes – 25% Classwork – 15% Other – 15%

7 Grade Distritubtion: Fall 2013 Out of 56 Spanish 1 students: –A – 12 (21%) –B – 20 (36%) –C – 9 (16%) –D – 7 (13%) –F – 8 (14%)

8 Materials 1 ½ “ 3 ring binder Dividers (to be specified) Writing utensils Earbuds/headphones Flashcards Spanish/English dictionary (Wal-Mart)

9 Proficiency Goals LISTENING: Novice-mid READING: Novice-mid PERSON to PERSON: Novice-mid SPEAKING: Novice-low WRITING: Novice-mid





14 Tardies First two tardies – warning Each tardy after – referral, ASD Must sign-in

15 Absences Don’t be absent. Call/text a classmate. Check website. Don’t be absent. –It will be impossible to keep up with the material in this class if you are not here consistently.

16 Late work I don’t accept late work with few exceptions. –Major projects and assignments can be turned in late with a 7 point deduction. –Homework, classwork, etc will NOT be accepted late.

17 Test/Quiz Make-up Must be made up before school, after school or during lunch – no retakes during class You have 5 days to make up It is YOUR responsibility to schedule a time to make up the assignment, not MINE.

18 Leaving the room You will receive a pass in the first few days of school. You may leave to use the restroom, get water, retrieve a forgotten item, etc. a total of 5 times this semester. Sign-out whenever you leave the room.

19 Homework You will have HW every night. I will check for completion the next day (Stamp sheets) 100 / 50 / 0 – no in between If you have difficulty with HW: –Call a classmate –Consult your notes –Use resources (Internet, YouTube)

20 Homework No late HW will be accepted If you are absent on a Tuesday, when you return on Wednesday I will expect to see Monday night’s HW. I will check both Tuesday and Wednesday on Thursday.

21 Cheating Don’t cheat. You will receive a zero if I catch you cheating. –Copying someone else’s HW or Classwork is cheating.

22 Gum, food, drinks Not allowed You cannot speak Spanish w/gum in your mouth! Drinks must be in a bottle – something that cannot spill!

23 Gum, food, drinks First offense: Warning Second offense: Detention after school for 10 minutes with me Third offense: Sentences No voy a masticar chicle en la clase de español otra vez. No puedo hablar con chicle en la boca.

24 Daily Procedures When you come in: –Take out HW/Stamp sheet –Copy the date on your Bellwork –Complete the Bellwork –I will check HW while you work.


26 A - ¡Buenos días! B - ¡Buenos días! A - ¿Cómo te llamas? B - Me llamo… ¿Y tú? A - Me llamo… A/B – Encantado(a). A/B – Adiós.


28 What is a cognate? A word that looks or sounds the same in both English and Spanish.

29 Tarea: Get your parent letter signed. This will count as your first HW grade!

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