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1. Seven things you need to know

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0 The Finnish Advantage:
Good teachers Pasi Sahlberg, PhD Director General CIMO Helsinki FINLAND June 28, 2011 OECD Japan Government Seminar, Tokyo, JAPAN, June 2011

1 1. Seven things you need to know
The most popular profession Strong social mission Masters level education Number of teaching hours per year Less classroom time Professional autonomy Principals are teachers Parents trust schools

2 2. Becoming a teacher (1)

3 2. Becoming a teacher (2) Subject teacher education Administration
Board Teacher Training School Municipal Field Schools Faculty of Science Faculty of Humanities Faculty of Education Teacher Training School Faculty of Technology Faculty of Economics Faculty of Medicine Research Coordination Units Independent Units Regional Units Faculties with teacher education

4 3. Professional development
School is a Professional Learning Community Curriculum development Student assessment School improvement Individual and collective effectiveness Finnish schools have … …no teacher evaluation …no merit-pay …no census-based standardized tests …no ranking of schools

5 4. Teacher effectiveness
Quality at entry to teacher education - only the most able will be accepted (school-leaving examination) - test of basic knowledge in education (unified entrance test) - demonstration of skills and commitment (interview) High academic requirements at exit - evaluated teaching practice - rigid academic study and course work - Masters degree with research thesis

6 5. Accountability in education system
National averages of 15-year-old students learning outcomes in mathematics (OECD 2006) OECD average High degree of trust Shared responsibility Intelligent accountability

7 6. Equity in education system
Inclusive education and early support Equal educational opportunities System-wide equity Variation in student performance in science (OECD 2006) Variation of performance within schools Variation of performance between schools

8 7. Conclusions and future challenges
Finland assures high quality teaching by attracting the most able and committed to teaching profession Finland retains teachers in their jobs by maintaining respectful and inspiring professional conditions in schools for them Challenges Preparing teachers for changing Finnish society Continuous professional development for all teachers Weakening economic situation or/and strengthening accountability policies may jeopardize current good situation

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