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Second Life – Get One!

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1 Second Life – Get One!

2 This is New Comers Plaza, NCI. The first stop on my SL Tour. Lots of free items, money, fun classes, and help to get started. Be patient for things to focus, a lot of lag time here due to its popularity. This is the first place to go after Orientation Island. Kuula 67,165,28

3 This is my favorite site for learning how to build. Everything is explained in pictures and words. It is a self-paced tutorial. This is in Dreams, shock proof 107, 143, 46. There is also an art gallery which is visible behind the building tutorial. This is a friendly place, no weapons or nudity- shock proof. Built by stroke victims and their families. This is a stop on my SL Tour.

4 I have to include a shopping stop on my tour. This is the Gnubie Store, Indigo 220,67,31. Most items are $1 Linden Dollar. Linden Dollars can be purchased or found under money trees or free from ATM in NCI for the first 90 days.

5 This is Svarga 128,128,0. An Educational Amusement park, sure to inspire you to educational possibilities. Sit in the boat and get a guided tour of Svargas experiments, Bio Sim, Voice to Music, Musical Instruments and more. Its on my suggested tour spots.

6 This is Campus: Second Life (Pathfinder Lindens hosted space for educators.) This is one of the stops on my tour. Campus 150 100

7 Particle Lab shows what particles do in Second Life. Ride the balloon to the Caves and exciting particle light shows

8 Picture bulletin board idea from Campus Teachers area. Student avatar pictures or work could be displayed. There are many interactive learning activities and cooperative performance assessment tasks students could experience in a second life environment, from reading skill games to module reviews and Socrates Cafés to encourage higher level thinking ski to PATs with real life applications. Teachers can see conversations and individual responsibility can be assigned in group projects so academic integrity issues could be significantly decreased. Hope this has inspired you to explore this exciting opportunity for our 21 st century students. Teen Educator, Avatar Socratesia Seuss

9 Here is a short video on a student orientation created by Pepperdine University on Campus 175,95,24. eTheater1.html

10 Educational Places in SL Campus : Second Life Pathfinder Lindens hosted space for educators Svarga (Laukosargas Svarogs virtual eco-system and educational amusement park) Particle Lab exciting use of particles visit caves and light shows. Science Museum and Solar Eclipse Planetarium (Aimee Webber) Spaceport Alpha (spaceflight museum and planetarium Terra Incognita Explore, plan, act and reflect philosophy of learning Reg Revans by Lindy McKeown or Decka Mah Rezzed (started mid Dec. 07 mostly done by volunteers in SL) Democracy Island (NTLS) Info Island (SL and ICT Libraries and an area for non-profit offices) San Diego State Univ. is starting a presence Harvard Law has a mock debate yearly, nice campus UC Davis Virtual Hallucinations Heart Murmur Sim (medical assessment experiment built 3/06) New Media Consortium Campus, Private Sim, Electric Sheep build, sign up on approval Libraries and Communications Technology (ICT) Library on Info Island

11 Places to Help with SL Skills Orientation Island New Citizens Plaza information, free items Interactive Building Tutorial an island for persons who have experienced strokes or their family members Ivory Tower of Prims building notecards Places to Shop Gnubie Store lots of free items for newbies Junkyard free items for newbies and oldtimers. 210/28/55 Shelter Newbie friendly spot with lots of free stuff

12 Whats Happening on Teen SL Teen Second Life Educational Projects EdBoost A Campus: TSL project where students script the contents of the island and adults teach computer programming. Global Kids Island - Global Kids Island in the teen grid is a place for teen residents to learn about important social and world issues. The island recently hosted (winter, 2006) a digital media essay contest, the SL version of the Save Sarfur charity wristband campaign, a photo show from Global Kids Leaders, Camp Gk (summer, 2006) and interactive, experiential workshops led by GK staff on issues related to digital media. In the fall, a Machinima program, a gaming program, and a global issue program will each be launched. Kids Island Eye4YouAllianceA partnership with the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County and the Alliance Library System to give opportunities to Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg CountyAlliance Library System Kids Connect Island - Kids Connect is a series of workshops for young people in multiple locations, teaching them to connect and work together via performance, storytelling and collaboration by both theatrical and digital means. In our pilot program in summer 2006, participants connected and created with other students in New York and Amsterdam via video streaming and on Kids Connect Island in the teen grid. Guided by artists and educators from theatre and new media, they learned skills like VJ-ing, Playback Theatre, digital storytelling, and 3D modeling. In teen SL, they met and collaborated to build a hybrid city combining aspects of both New York and Amsterdam. Within that common space, they created a performance that occurred both live and online simultaneously. Connect IslandPlayback Theatre Pacific Rim Exchange - PacRim X is a collaboarative project between two school districts, one in California, and one in Japan. The island will be private and only open to exchange students from the two school districts, and their teachers. The blog will catalog the progress of the project. Rim Exchange Suffern Middle School A virtual presence for education at Suffern Middle School, Suffern, NY. Middle School

13 Campus: Teen Second Life You can visit our Campus region on the adult Second Life grid for a preview of how Campus: TSL will work. This area is a main hub for classes participating in our higher ed Campus: Second Life program. You can meet students and educators currently working on class projects as well as find other real-life education projects happening in Second Life., =http%3A// nd%20Life&msg=This%20region%20is%20a%20main%20hub%20f or%20classes%20participating%20in%20our%20Campus%3ASeco nd%20Life%20program%20%28mor this is for the teen sl campusCampus region =http%3A// nd%20Life&msg=This%20region%20is%20a%20main%20hub%20f or%20classes%20participating%20in%20our%20Campus%3ASeco nd%20Life%20program%20%28mor Global Kids Guide to Presenting in SL Kids Guide to Presenting in SL Best Practices ganizing_SL/Real_World_eventsBest Practices ganizing_SL/Real_World_events Audio Casting Set Up from NMC Casting Set Up from NMC More on audio radio-stations/More on audio radio-stations/ Diagram of Audio Setup content/uploads/sl-audio-cast2-tm.jpgDiagram of Audio Setup content/uploads/sl-audio-cast2-tm.jpg Getting Started Guide Started Guide

14 Avatar Socratesia Seuss Teen Educator Real Name-Carol Roberts FLVS Instructor 45/?title=Welcom%20from%20Socratesia %20Seuss&msg=AKA%20FLVS%20Carol %20Roberts 45/?title=Welcom%20from%20Socratesia %20Seuss&msg=AKA%20FLVS%20Carol %20Roberts

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