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A P P E A L I N G T O experience engaging older adults as volunteers.

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2 A P P E A L I N G T O experience engaging older adults as volunteers

3 Lets take a pop quiz… True or false?

4 Most people have mixed feelings about retirement. True. Retirees look forward to freedom, but worry about losing purposeful relationships.

5 People over 65 prefer to be called retirees, not senior citizens. False. In fact, both words are problematic.

6 Generally, adults over 65 have no trouble with the word volunteer. True. Generally true for those who lived through WWII; less so for those who came after.

7 Now that they have time, older adults want to meet new people and expand their horizons. True. But it depends on how much time people have, or think they have.

8 We need your help now is the best recruitment message for older adults. False. Works well if Im into my community, less well if Im into myself.

9 In general, men are intimidated by the school setting and are not sure theyre qualified to be tutors. True. But you can help by valuing their experience, and pointing to male role models.

10 Women are attracted to the idea of working in teams. True. Teamwork can be a good recruiting message.

11 Older adults read newspapers, but they dont use the Internet. False. Older adults read papers and are the fastest-growing group of people using the Internet.

12 Older adults may have more time, but they want more flexibility in volunteer opportunities. True. You can make adjustments to fit peoples schedules.

13 Full-time staff are the best recruiters of older adults. False. Older adults already involved are your best recruiters.

14 Examples from… Experience Corps Senior Corps Harvard School of Public Health RSVP – Westchester County

15 These ads were effective recruitment tools. False. Dont cross the line!









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