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Presentations Online PoCO July 2009 Presentations Online Adhoc Committee Ron Jensen Chair.

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1 Presentations Online PoCO July 2009 Presentations Online Adhoc Committee Ron Jensen Chair

2 Committee Volunteers –Ron Jensen, Chair –John Barr –Russ Lefevre –Dru Reynolds –Ed Rezek –Mitch Rothblatt –Anil Roy –Tim Tredwell –Cheri Warren Staff –Mark A. Vasquez –Kevin Dresely –David Rogers –Susan Root –Scott R. Smith 2 Meet every 3 weeks, plus additional discussions

3 What are they? Powerpoint presentations with synchronized audio from presenter Recorded at conferences and other venues Browser access For free For sale For benefit of 8-Feb-143

4 Strategic Opportunities Conferences –Sets a new long-term direction for how we can conduct conferences in the future. –Enhance conference attendee experience (access to all tracks and review) –Enable other conference experiences Sub conferences (location and time shifts) –Potential option for pandemics, lowered travel budgets, … Access to conferences without travel Societies, Regions, Sections, Chapters, Members –Stronger technical program to members through local units –Increase society membership benefits –Distinguished lecturers available to more units and members –Practicing engineer presentations and workshops –Stronger Professional content from IEEE-USA, Regions and Section –Enhance Volunteer experience with training available as needed Revenue development –Protects IEEEs largest revenue source –Conferences more profitable through greater access –New products as a result of new IP format 8-Feb-144

5 Status Business Model- first pass to support pilot Developed procedures for a pilot –Training –Recording –Loading Infrastructure –Selected Camtasia for IMS and PoCO –Load presentations to Akamai –Load products to BMS for purchase – to view Great team effort –Staff from across the company (Meetings & Conferences, IT, MGA, Marketing, Corporate Research, Product Management, Society Executive Offices, etc.) have dedicated resources to various aspects of the project. More qualitative data after IMS pilot and PoCO –Information on the sales of IMS 2009 –resources needed to handle the recording of a conference or other event –cost associated with doing such recordings. 8-Feb-145

6 Links IMS Pilot (June 2009) –IMS 2009 web site with linksweb site –Free presentations Plenary Microapps which are presentations from industry ~ 20 minutes each Served from IMS/MTT web site –For sale presentations Sold through BMS Delivered through with a new tab for purchased content Humanitarian Technology Challenge Conference 6/1-2 –Recorded some content 8-Feb-146

7 7 Feedback? Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?

8 Work Items Determination of the products that are possible and select correct set for IEEE The potential markets for products (conference attendees, society members, members, individuals, corporations) Relationship to EAB products, could some presentations/workshops be sold as part of an education product? Search- how do people find what we have, how are they categorized, tagged, what search engine and how do you get to it? Can adding products be automated to minimize cost? Conversely, how do we control to prevent spam? The non profit products for member benefit or training, how offered, how paid for, does the business model support ad hoc products from a myriad of sources The file structures that can be supported, implying which methods of recording How do we make the selected tools available so everyone uses the preferred set. Avoiding units using other channels as we dont support their needs Developing a plan for quality, do we use standards? do we mark quality? What is the appropriate timing to make new recordings available? (within the hour, not for 2 months, or both, does it vary by product) Training plan for volunteers who will be recording without staff support 8-Feb-148

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