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Shatrunjay Rawat, CMC Ltd. Secretary, Hyderabad Section

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1 Shatrunjay Rawat, CMC Ltd. Secretary, Hyderabad Section
IEEE Hyderabad Section TENCON Shatrunjay Rawat, CMC Ltd. Senior Member Secretary, Hyderabad Section

2 ‘Information Technology Innovations for Common Man’
TENCON 2008 : Theme Tenatative Titles: ‘Information Technology Innovations for Common Man’ ‘Empowering the Common Citizen by Info-Tech Revolution’ Information Technology (IT) revolutionary effect on lives across the world Ensured a sea-change in governance IT has an impact today on every government and enterprise Challenge: Development and uniform progress where IT can be used for the benefit of the common man. Opportunities: Possible strategic partnerships between countries, firms etc, resulting in expansion of trade, ensure mutual progress which in the end will result in eliminating digital divide while empowering every individual through IT. The objective : Bring different stakeholders – corporates, government and academia Spark synergy between leading thinkers and practitioners across the globe to network, exchange ideas and experiences and to formulate strategies. The conference will have Keynote Talks, Contributed Presentations and Tutorials on the theme.

3 TENCON 2008 : The Plan Conference : $300 $400 $50
Name of the Proposed General Chair From: (M. Vidya Sagar, B.L. Deekshatulu, V.P. Kodali, V.Umapathi Reddy) all Fellows of IEEE Proposed Committee : J.A.Chowdary, Anil Jampala, SC Bhargava, RK Bagga, NSS Prasad, Arun Agarwal, Atul Negi, Koduri Srinivas, BM Mehtre, KMM Rao, GSN Prabhu, Shatrunjay Rawat, MB Srinivas, Keshav Noori Date : November 2008 ( 3 day conference & Tutorials) Venue : Lalitha Kala Vedika OR Hotel Kakatiya Sheraton OR Hotel Taj Krishna No of Attendees : 300 Proposed Fees : IEEE Member Non-IEEE member Student Member Conference : $ $ $50 Tutorial :$ $ $30 Provisional Budget : Rs.15 Lakhs ( $ 35,000) Expected Revenue : $ 50, $ = US Dollars

4 TENCON 2008 : The Plan Conference Details: SPONSORED BY : IEEE R10
ORGANIZED BY : IEEE Hyderabad Section CO-SPONSORED BY :<< to be determined >> (TCS-CMC/Govt. of AP/Centre for Smart Governance at IIIT Hyderabad) PEOPLE: Mr. R Kannan, Chairman, IEEE Hyderabad Section Mr. J. A. Chowdary, Past Chair, MD-Portal Player India, Dr. Anil Jampala, IEEE Prof. B. L. Deekshatulu, ISRO Visiting Professor, UoH and Fellow, IEEE Dr. V. P. Kodali, Fellow IEEE Dr. R. K. Bagga, Chairman Div VII Computer Society of India Prof. Rajiv Sangal, Director IIIT Prof. Arun Agarwal, UoH Dr. SC Bhargava, IEEE Mr. Satish, IEEE

5 TENCON 2008 : The Plan AP Govt.: Mr. J.C.Mohanty, IAS CORPORATE:
Mr. Randeep Sudan, IAS Mr. Ajay Swahney, IAS Mr. R.Chandra Sekhar, IAS Prof. C. Subba Rao Mr. J. Satyanarayana , IAS CORPORATE: TCS INFOSYS IBM ORACLE SUN MICROSOFT WIPRO SATYAM GE VANENBURG INFOTECH CMC INTERNATIONAL SPECTRUM Prof. Narendra Ahuja, Univ. of Illinois Prof. Raj Reddy, Carnegie-Mellon University Dr. Amar Gupta, MIT Sloan School Prof. Patrick S. P. Wang, Northeastern University Prof. Raj Bhatnagar, Univ. of Cincinnati Dr. S. P. Rana, CEO, Inventys SOME FROM R10 COUNTRIES IEEE OFFICE President , President-Elect, R10 Director, R10 Director-Elect, R10 Conference Chair

6 IEEE Hyderabad has successfully conducted International Conference on
Previous Conferences IEEE Hyderabad has successfully conducted International Conference on Personal Wireless Communications ICPWC2000

7 Conducted Conference in 2005
Conference on Enabling Technologies for Smart Appliances (ETSA-2005), January 12-14, 2005 Held at Hotel Kakatiya Sheraton, Hyderabad The conference focused on “Smart Appliances”, an emerging technology that fuses knowledge domains, sensors, computing, and communications. The state of the art developments in this area were presented key note speakers, invited presentations, contributed papers and tutorials. More Details from the URL:

8 Major Events- Hyderabad
& 2005

9 TENCON 2008 - The Venue Hyderabad, India
Introduction: Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, offers a fascinating panorama of the past, with a rich blend of cultural and historical tradition spanning over 400 years. Presently a strong Industrial, Commercial and Information Technology Center, Hyderabad is emerging into an important tourist destination. Thus today Hyderabad offers a combination of a rich traditional ambience and the most modern, progressive and developed urban centre in India

10 About Hyderabad A multitude of influences have shaped the character of the city. Its palaces and buildings, houses and tenements, gardens and streets have a history and an architectural individuality of their own, which makes Hyderabad a city of enchantment. Hyderabad was founded on the River Musi five miles east of Golconda, in by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. In the 16th century the city grew spontaneously to accommodate the surplus population of Golconda, which was the capital of the Qutb Shahi rulers. Many buildings sprang up along the River Musi. Gradually the city grew.

11 India's largest IMax opens in City India's largest IMax opens in City
About Hyderabad.. India's largest IMax theatre in City India's largest IMax opens in City India's largest IMax opens in City The Imax theatre features the world's most powerful film projector which beams on 29 Metres wide and metre high screen. Its got a six-channel sound system that puts out 12,000 watts of digital surround sound.

12 About Hyderabad: Educational Institutions
University of Hyderabad The University of Hyderabad is a premier Indian University offering inter-disciplinary research opportunities in Arts, Sciences and Humanities. The Computer and Information Sciences Department offers a unique Master’s Program in Artificial Intelligence. This University is well known for its contributions to Information Technology and Computer Science. Osmania University Oldest University in Hyderabad Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University University with a very large number of students in technical education in Hyderabad Section

13 About Hyderabad Educational Institutions International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)
The International Institute of Information Technology (formerly Indian Institute of Information Technology), Hyderabad is an autonomous, self-supporting institution started in 1998 with seed support from the Government of Andhra Pradesh. A major goal of IIIT is to impart a uniquely broad and interdisciplinary IT education of the highest academic quality. This is achieved through an integrated curriculum that consists of a highly diverse set of IT courses, interdisciplinary IT research projects, day-to-day interaction with industry, preparation in entrepreneurship and personality development courses.

14 About Hyderabad: Educational Institutions Indian School of Business (ISB)
The Indian School of Business (ISB) could be undoubtedly considered, as one of its kind not only in Asia but also in the world. The ISB is a research-led institution and offers high-quality postgraduate, executive and doctoral programmes for students from all over the world. The Indian School of Business (ISB) is a research-oriented, independent management institution that aims to groom future generations of business leaders. The ISB offers a one-year Post Graduate Programme in Management (equivalent to an MBA) and short-duration Management courses for Senior Executives. The institution is dynamic and ever evolving in building knowledge for a global community that is extremely reliant on technology and highly entrepreneurial. With an emphasis on creative leadership as its goal, the ISB aims to groom a new breed of thinking business leaders for the present generation.

15 About Hyderabad Getting Here
Hyderabad is well connected by air, rail and road to all the major cities such as Delhi, Madras, Bombay, Calcutta and to most other important cities and towns. Hyderabad has a Domestic Airport and International Terminal connecting Dubai, Sri Lanka, Bangkok and Singapore. Indian Airlines operates daily flights from Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay ), Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Madras (Chennai) and Bangalore. Accommodation Hyderabad has a wide range of hotels-from five-star, luxury to economy. Listed below are just a few. Hotel Taj Krishna Hotel Kakatiya Sheraton Towers Hotel Viceroy Hotel Taj Banzara Hotel Taj Residency etc.

16 Progress Made So Far Discussed the TENCON 2008 in the SEC Meeting Last Month Formed a committee to list out the activities and effort requirement Dr. Atul Negi, University of Hyderabad, Chair-CS Chapter Shatrunjay Rawat, CMC Ltd, Secretary-Hyderabad Section Dr. MB Srinivas, IIIT Hyderabad, SAC-Hyderabad Section Indicated to some of the Hotels about the event

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