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Bonn :: November 2006 1 Welcome to a new Era in Egyptian History.

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1 Bonn :: November 2006 1 Welcome to a new Era in Egyptian History

2 Higher Education System in Egypt Karim Hamdy Assistant National TEMPUS Coordinator The case of Egypt!

3 Bonn :: November 2006 HE Education system in Egypt-2010/11 HE institutesNo. of institutes Students enrolment Enrolled in Postgraduates No. of staff No. of A. staff Public Universities Full time 18 1 M180 K 39 K27 K Newmodes433 K Al-Azhar1335 K15 K4 K3 K Public Technical colleges8*126 K0850605 Private Universities1853 K1.1 K1.3 K1.7 K Private Higher institutes124407 K7 K2 K2.4 K Private middle institutes22 39 K030 Total1882.5 M204 K47 K35 K *This includes 45 institutes + 12 Technical institutes of health +Technical Institute for Advanced Industries This includes 11 institutes + 11 branch for labor university (middle programs)

4 Bonn :: November 2006 Distribution Based on the Academic Discipline Universities, and higher institutes (private and public) 8.3% Engineering sciences 6.2% Medical sciences 2.1% Agriculture and Vet. 2.0% Basic sciences 19.4% Cultural and Literature 0.5% Arts 12.0% Education 41.9% Social sciences Technical colleges and private middle institutes 2.2% Applied science disciplines 5.3% Humanities and social sciences disciplines 100% Total

5 Bonn :: November 2006 Pillars of Higher Education Systems Equity Quality Access Internal efficiency External Efficiency Quality Governance and Management Cost and finance Research Internationalization Higher education System Socio economic context

6 Bonn :: November 2006 Higher education sector Review (OECD) The Strategic Planning Unit – Ministry of Higher Education in collaboration with OECD and World bank produced for the first time the Higher Education Country report in conjunction with reviewers report that analysis comprehensively the status of higher education in Egypt. It informs the public as well as higher education institutions about the performance of higher education sector in Egypt through internationally comparable standards. It would be republished every 3 years in accountability to the society and the government. Outcomes: More focus and funding should go to: Quality Governance Mobility and Internationalization

7 Bonn :: November 2006 7

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9 What Egypt and Arab Spring Countries need is: Democracy Development Social Justice Higher Education and Research is a Solution? EconomyJob Market Technical EducationResearch QualityInternationalization etc. 9

10 Bonn :: November 2006 New Country, New Rules, New Game… SWOT Analysis Strength: Large Number of Qualified Professors and Teachers Weakness: Low Salaries, Low Quality, No Link to Job Market Opportunities: Higher Education and Research would boost the Egyptian GDP by 4% at least Threats: Prioritizing Development 10

11 Bonn :: November 2006 Egyptian Priorities Readability vis a vis Bologna Process Gap Analysis Harmonization Strategies Internationalization NQF Quality Assurance 11

12 Bonn :: November 2006 Egyptian Priorities Languages Teaching Finance and Banking Sector Informal Education and LLL Basic Sciences Education Mining and Resources E-Learning 12

13 Bonn :: November 2006 Egyptian Priorities Technical Education Sustainable Development Technologies Desert Agriculture Solar Energy 13

14 14

15 Bonn :: November 2006 Yet we need a lot of help from our friends, in the form of partnership in order to achieve our goals of democracy, development and Social Justice

16 Bonn :: November 2006 Thank you Karim Hamdy

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