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Portfolio and Means for Autonomous EFL L. Baten, KULeuven British Council, 1 Dec. 2004 Lut.

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1 Portfolio and Means for Autonomous EFL L. Baten, KULeuven British Council, 1 Dec. 2004 Lut.

2 Self-tuition and the need for guidance Portfolio, self-assessment and ICT

3 LB Nov 20043 Learner makes Options towards Life Long Learning Learners Approach to Guided Self-Study ? ELP: Responsibility with the learner D330->D329 ->D326

4 LB Nov 20044 Introduction: overall structure Introduction: –statements by students –examples of portfolio and resulting cd-rom –course integration: English IV, III, II for Business Analysis : Emerging Questions Results Conclusion and changes over time

5 LB Nov 20045 Statements by students Bart Costermans 16 May 2001 Its more important to give students insight in the matter and letting them think on how to use new information in their field of expertise than only cumulating a heap of data in their minds The professor needs to remain objective while grading a final since different opinions or interpretations can be correct. The role of the professor is not longer instructing but assisting the student: she can answer their questions, help them by giving advice, thus a more supporting role than a leading role Ann Goeminne, July 2001 As portfolio is lifelong learning, it should be spread throughout our entire academic training, not only the year of graduation

6 LB Nov 20046 Current KULeuven Educational Policy: Guided Self-Study –Begeleide zelfstudie, als concept van universitair onderwijs, beoogt aan studenten een aangepaste omgeving aan te reiken, waarin ze leren zowel zelfstandig betekenis te verlenen aan onderzoeksbevindingen als actief deel te nemen aan verdere kennisontwikkeling om vervolgens op kwalitatief hoogstaande wijze professioneel en maatschappelijk actief te kunnen zijn. Het Rapport van de Onderwijsraad

7 LB Nov 20047 Portfolio: example Portfolio KUL Graduates

8 LB Nov 20048 Portfolios on platform & cd Porfolios by students

9 LB Nov 20049 Objectives of the course English IV: Business Interaction Intl. Monitoring –of own language learning process Reflecting –on international business interaction in a cultural perspective Building Expertise –in business communication formats and exchange

10 LB Nov 200410 Present-day EFL Learning Frameworks Common Framework of Reference CEFR Process-Oriented Distributed Learning and Tutoring ELP Self-assessment: Free: Dialang, Paid: Toefl, (Quick) Oxf. Placem. Test Learning Platform: LMS, Open Source, Paid: Blackboard, Online sources for general and business purposes Own off-line sources: WordClassifier, InStap!E4B, c-tests, Dominie

11 LB Nov 200411 Class management English IV Class activities thematically organized (this year: E-business) in group, for different purposes and business ends resulting in a group publication, gradual on BB + final: cd-rom Tutorials at regular intervals (3) and individual, 20 min. each ( initial proposal, follow-up, published + feedback on class)) Portfolio as a guidance: objectives, timing, selection, reflection, feedback documenting tutorials, own initiatives and reporting as assessment: in preparation of job interview (CEFR, can do, class grades, own grading)

12 LB Nov 200412 ELP as Guidance Positive acceptance of –portfolio –possibility to define own objectives and choose own procedure reflect interactively Negative experience with students as organisors –time and content management –Solution: phased consulting, learning platform, webmaster Tutorials, performance, corrected documenting Finally someone who asks us what we think and want and starts from that.

13 LB Nov 200413 Discussion Management Regular class-meetings upon registration : - contact, performance and quality control, variety - knowledge management and sharing Website for interaction, e-mails for contact –Learning platform Blackboard Webmaster: 1 or 2 students + trainer: intensive work BB: support KUL for discussion group, coursework, documentation (in preparation of final cd-rom) –Motivation: from students to students, (site is theirs) –Networking Number of students: 47! Personal contact vs time

14 LB Nov 200414 Discussion Learning Outcome: Autonomy 92 % knows where to get help because of 75 % has developed own FL method ~ own learning style because of:

15 LB Nov 200415 ELP & Autonomy: Conscious of: learner style: diversity is a resource –same task, different accomplishment –networking peers/web: if I dont know, who can help? –sharing & willing to find tools language orientation: –language and communication –umbrella for various fields –unique individual counts (also cooking, metaphors and poetry): own preferences brought to the fore

16 LB Nov 200416 Discussion Self-tuition and ICT Most students worked on their own, using the internet, starting from what they want:

17 LB Nov 200417 Remedial and lifelong learning Remedial: –no standard remediation: depending on own style –different levels of tasks: across students: weaker vs stronger students per student: Am I better than last time ?, not: than you Lifelong learning: –able to autonomously improve language skills –keep up portfolio: 98 % –92 % knows where to get help, but only 13 % because of ELP 27 % website, 39 % tutorials

18 LB Nov 200418 Discussion Assessment GROUPEVALUATIONN° of STUDENTS 1 185 2 1618 3 1420 4 123 Assessment by the trainer (dossier, class activity: individual & group, tutorials) Domains and n° of students in group 1 vs 4

19 LB Nov 200419 Self-assessment : know yourself strong students: less domains; weaker students: more domains –-> the stronger, the better the insight in their needs Compatibility: –grades students and trainer –stronger students choose higher level tasks eg authentic document search and manipulation vs merely downloading prepared list of words Consultation: –upgrade possible in case of low performance (time? Focus?…?) –criteria: CEFR: B2 for Business English or C1/C2? integration knowledge (economic, intl culture & comm.) and problem-solving academic skills professional and communicative skills attitude towards business life

20 LB Nov 200420 Valuating freedom 95 % appreciates the class management and organization

21 LB Nov 200421 Evolution in English IV tools and resources-> I know what I want to choose: build confidence Awareness guided selfstudySelf-access –strong integration ICT and course management: web-based for interaction and learning materials Range of off-line and online tools Efficiency Learn how to propose, document, report and reflect Record Database management by means of Excell, Access, … Hospitality programme with American students Group and Peer support –feedback in class activities, tutorials (also via BB) (formal : letter, present.) Achievement

22 LB Nov 200422 Measuring effectiveness Progress in autonomous learning in own domain: –C-test

23 LB Nov 200423 C-test Placement test °1980s in Duisburg Univ. 4 to 6 texts : in 30 text = unit; 70 to 110 words –Sent. 1: intact – –then rule of 2: word 2 in sent. 2, 2nd half of 2nd word is left out –Last sent: intact Repair 25 incomplete words

24 LB Nov 200424 Working for efficiency Grip on lexical input: –WordClassifier http://engels.vvkso-

25 LB Nov 200425 WordClassifier

26 LB Nov 200426 Colourised – Pruned range 0 range 1 range 2 range 3 range 4 range 5 outsiders other Dear Mrs We were glad you approached us with a view to placing an order and to learn of the good start of your new business The question of granting credit for newly established businesses is never an easy one Many owners get into difficulties because they overcommit themselves before they are thoroughly established Although we believe that your own business promises very well we feel it would be better for you to make your purchases on a cash basis at present If this is not possible for the full amount we suggest that you cut the size of your order say by half If you are willing to do this we will allow you a special cash discount of 4 in addition to our usual trade terms If this suggestion is acceptable to you the goods could be delivered with you within 3 days We hope that you will look upon this letter as a mark of our genuine wish to enter into business with you on terms that will bring lasting satisfaction to us both When your business is firmly established we will be very happy to welcome you as one of our credit customers Yours sincerely

27 LB Nov 200427 Hedging (pruned text) Word Classifier-Report - Text with (after pruning) 2,221 word ; = 668 different words Range 0: 139 word(s) - 21 % a, about, after, again, all, also, although, always, am, an, and, any, anything, are, as, at, back, be, because, been, before, being, both, but, by, can, cannot, could, did, do, doing, done, down, during, each, every, few, first, for, from, get, had, half, has, have, having, he, here, his, how, however, i, if, in, indeed, into, is, it, keep, let, made, make, many, may, me, mid, might, more, most, mr, mrs, much, my, never, next, no, not, now, of, on, one, only, or, other, our, out, outside, over, put, same, say, several, shall, should, since, so, some, someone, such, take, taken, than, that, the, their, them, themselves, then, there, these, they, third, this, Range 1: 257 word(s) - 38 % able, accept, acceptable, acted, active, addition, afraid, agree, allow, april, arise, arts, ask, august, bankers, basis, believe, better, bill, book, bring, business, businesses, buyer, buyers, call, carried, carry, cause, caused, class, clear, come, company, complete, completed, concerned, concerning, condition, consider, consideration, continues, cost, cut, days, deal, december, department, difficult, difficulties, difficulty, drew, e, earlier, easter, easy, effect, end, english, even, examination, examined, expect, explain, explains, explanation, fact, february, feel, figures, final, finally, finding, following, forward, found, full, further, gave, give, given, Range 2: 154 word(s) - 23 % account, advance, agent, agents, ago, amount, anxious, apparently, application, approached, arrange, arrival, authorize, avoid, aware, balance, charge, charged, cheque, choice, chosen, claim, claims, collection, commission, commitments, competition, competitors, completion, conditions, consequently, continually, conversation, current, dear, demand, design, detailed, discount, discover, discussed, discussion, drawer, due, enclose, enquiries, enquiry, ensure, enter, entirely, escaped, essential, established, exactly, expenses, extend, failing, failure, fair, financially, firm, firmly, firms, gained, grant, granting, honour, identical, identify, Range 3: 85 word(s) - 13 % absence, accuracy, adjust, afterwards, apologies, assessor, assessors, belgium, cash, cd, christmas, circumstance, circumstances, complains, complaint, comprehension, confirm, consulted, contractor, contracts, credit, delay, delivered, deliveries, delivery, deposit, disappointing, disturbing, facilities, faithfully, faulty, faxed, file, flanders, focus, genuine, grateful, inconvenience, indefinitely, inspection, instructions, internal, investigate, japanese, madam, mails, manufactured, manufacturers, Range 4: 16 word(s) - 2 % compelled, compensate, customer, customers, distress, dutch, hedging, overdraft, overdrafts, overlooked, premises, prompt, rotation, sincerely, solicitors, submit, Range 5: 2 word(s) = 0 % defer, outstanding, Outsiders: 15 word(s) = 2 % authoring, batch, dishonoured, downloaded, feedback, freeware, incurred, invoice, millennium, overcommit, oversight, remediation,

28 LB Nov 200428 Implementation of ELP in English III and II On request of students Objectives: – needs analysis (remedial work) – follow-up of progress – stocktaking (performance, grades)

29 LB Nov 200429 Evolution in English III and II more self-study, with follow-up in reduced portfolio Stocktaking »Learn how trace yourself Confidence distributed learning : –integration ICT and course management: Blackboard for interaction among groups and for learning materials Range of off-line and online tools –InStap!E4B & Dominie – Class performance in group Group and Peer support

30 LB Nov 200430 Adapted ELP English III: LANGUAGE of Meetings A Language Passport Name: A Language Biography Formal aspects of business communication Letter writing/Agenda/Memo/Minutes/Report Overall assessment C-test 1 2 3 Assignment 1 23 Language of Meetings and Negotiations 1 2 3 Experience with meetings Experience with negotiations Self-assessment As an initiator/As a participant Communication strategies Skills (are you at a C1 level or at a B2 level?) I need to: OK for: Reading /Listening/Speaking /Writing Competences: I need to: OK for: Vocabulary language of meetings/general vocab Grammar Pronunciation and intonation Non-verbal communication A Dossier A Language Passport Name: A Language Biography Formal aspects of business communication Letter writing Agenda Memo Minutes Report Overall assessment C-test 1 2 3 Assignment 1 23 Language of Meetings and Negotiations Experience with meetings Experience with negotiations Self-assessment As an initiator As a participant Communication strategies Skills (are you at a C1 level or at a B2 level?) I need to: OK for: Reading Listening Speaking Writing Competences: I need to: OK for: Vocabulary language of meetings general vocab Grammar Pronunciation and intonation Non-verbal communication A Dossier

31 LB Nov 200431 Requirements of the tutor Knowledge of learning styles, methods, didactic materials Expertise with needs analysis and confidence building Flexibility, class management, shared responsibility Close relationship with students Acquaintance with IT –? Electronic portfolio –flexibility Work intensive

32 For more information : -Digitale universiteitDigitale universiteit -SURFSURF - Portal site for FL: ProjectLingu@net Europa Plus

33 LB Nov 200433

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