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EURAXESS Dr Claire McNulty Acting Director Science, British Council 9 th March 2012.

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1 EURAXESS Dr Claire McNulty Acting Director Science, British Council 9 th March 2012

2 Outline British Council –Overview –Internationalising Higher Education EURAXESS –Overview –EURAXESS-UK –Looking forward

3 British Council work We are the UKs international cultural relations organisation, and have been working for more than 75 years to forge links between people in the UK and other countries Our main purpose is to build engagement and trust through the exchange of knowledge and ideas between people worldwide We have 218 offices in 109 countries around the world

4 Charitable purposes Our Royal Charter sets out the purposes for which we are established. These are to: promote cultural relationships and the understanding of different cultures between people and peoples of the United Kingdom and other countries; promote a wider knowledge of the United Kingdom; develop a wider knowledge of the English language; encourage cultural, scientific, technological and other educational cooperation between the United Kingdom and other countries; or otherwise promote the advancement of education

5 Who do we work with? Policymakers in research and higher education Leading researchers, innovators, research administrators, science communicators and science educators Early career researchers, students, wider public

6 Why? Help individuals improve their career prospects Build scientific links Foster environment for science and innovation Bridge science and society

7 Research is an international career In the UK, around 40% of the academic staff at researcher grade are from overseas Highly mobile researchers are also more productive Time spent researching abroad can bring lots of benefits: –Access to facilities and expertise –Improved career prospects –Broaden horizons It can also have drawbacks: –Practical difficulties (managing finances, family issues, tax etc) –Cultural differences –Language barrier

8 What does British Council do to help? Internationalising Higher Education Programme Web-based resources EURAXESS-UK

9 Our new Internationalising Higher Education programme Services for International Education Marketing Global Policy Dialogues Global Partnerships International Student Mobility and Alumni

10 Global Policy Dialogues Going Global –International Education Conference –London, March 13-15 –Includes aspects linked to research Bilateral or Regional policy Dialogues –E.g. Policy workshop on Researcher Skills Training, France, Feb 2012

11 Example of research partnership initiative: BIRAX Regenerative Medicine Initiative Britain-Israel Research and Academic Exchange Partnership Five-year programme Funding for teams in UK and Israel to carry out joint research Maximum funding £400,000 over 3 years Associated fellowship scheme for early career researchers to undertake research visits. Supported by Pears Foundation, UJIA, BIS, FCO, Ministry of Science and Technology (Israel)

12 Other research partnership projects India (UKIERI) Turkey Russia Central South Asia (Inspire project) Under development: UK-US-3 rd Country UK-Brazil Opportunities will be disseminated through the Euraxess Newsletters, and on the website

13 British Council Online Resources EducationUK Guide to studying in the UK EURAXESS-UK Practical information for mobile researchers. Includes a searchable database of international funding opportunities. CUBED Magazine highlighting UK breakthroughs in science and innovation Talking Science Science communication website, with information about science festivals, science in the media, and links to useful resources. European RTD Insight We sponsor this monthly online publication which provides the latest news on European Union policy; research; education, training and culture; external collaboration; events and awards; new publications and online resources


15 Background EURAXESS is an initiative, launched by the European Commission, to promote research careers and facilitate the mobility of researchers across Europe EURAXESS plays a key role in the implementation of the European Partnership for Researchers and Innovation Union commitments

16 If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then EURAXESS is here to help you. Are you looking to recruit junior or experienced researchers from around the world ? Would you like to explore research funding opportunities ? Do you help your international researchers with practical issues ? Do you want more visibility on an international level ? Would you like to help your researchers moving to another country with housing, local social security, etc... ? Why should you get involved with EURAXESS?

17 EURAXESS EURAXESS Jobs - Information on job opportunities, funding opportunities, grants, employment, etc. EURAXESS Services - Practical assistance for researchers EURAXESS Rights - Information on the European Researchers Charter and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers EURAXESS Links - a networking tool for researchers outside Europe. Operating in USA, China, Japan, India and Singapore

18 Central jobs and funding portal for Europe Free of charge Can advertise jobs and search CV database (18,000 CVs) As of March 2012, more than 7000 organisations from across Europe are registered on EURAXESS Jobs Around 35,000 unique visitors per month 6,700 vacancies currently available, 400 from the UK Nature Jobs postings imported to EURAXESS Jobs All European research organisations are being encouraged to use the EURAXESS Jobs portal to advertise their research positions EURAXESS Jobs

19 EURAXESS Services Around 200 centres in 38 countries Offer customized assistance to researchers and their families

20 EURAXESS Services Practical assistance for researchers and their families before, during and after their move abroad Web portals –Each country runs their own national portal (e.g. British Council runs the EURAXESS-UK portal) Helpdesks (phone or email) Service Centres –Walk-in centres providing personalised assistance to all researchers Local Contact Points –Offices within universities etc giving assistance to incoming staff/students

21 EURAXESS-UK - managed by the British Council and funded by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills The EURAXESS-UK website will be promoted as the key information portal for researchers Jan 23 rd 2012. Joint press release from RCUK, Higher Education Funding Councils, Learned Academies and Universities UK.

22 UK Jobs websites, Euraxess Jobs feed, career development (link to Vitae) Information on UK and International Funders Healthcare, family, social security, entry regulations, tax, accommodation, finance, language etc Research landscape, Research in England, Scotland, Wales, NI, Intellectual Property, Research in Industry Working in Europe, outside Europe Downloadable pdf of Guide for researchers Euraxess Local Contact Points, Order hard copy guides International funding search – by career stage, discipline and region

23 EURAXESS-UK Searchable Funding database 200 funding schemes in database, from travel grants for conferences, to longer term partnership funding

24 EURAXESS UK Local Contact Points So far 11 UK Universities have signed up as local contact points: University of Durham University of Huddersfield University of Leicester University of Liverpool Newcastle University Northumbria University Plymouth University Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh University of Dundee University of Edinburgh University of West of Scotland These offer customized assistance to researchers coming to their own institution before, during and after their move

25 How can you get involved? 2. Encourage use of EURAXESS-Jobs to advertise research positions 1. Make researchers more aware of the EURAXESS initiatives 3. Badge your institution as a EURAXESS Local Contact Point

26 What should a EURAXESS-LCP do? Act as first point of contact for international researchers coming to your institution Provide advice and assistance on matters relating to mobility – often a matter of knowing who to refer questions to Set up dedicated email address (e.g. Link to Euraxess-UK national portal Contact:

27 Benefits of being a EURAXESS-LCP Demonstrates commitment to international researchers and to the European Research Area. Higher visibility across Europe and beyond Closer linkage to counterparts throughout Europe Access to training and networking events Simple to do; very little bureaucracy Contact:

28 Future direction Further development of EURAXESS-UK website Building up network of EURAXESS-UK LCPs Support/training/networking for LCPs – e.g. on visas, social security, attendance at conferences, Nature Jobs Fair etc (via Network Call May 2012) Stronger focus on promotion outside Europe

29 Any Questions?

30 Visas for International researchers What can Euraxess-UK do to help?

31 Visa routes for researchers ACTIVITYPAID IN UK?ENTRY OPTIONS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Researcher sponsored by Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the UK Varies. Researchers under Points Based System (PBS) Tiers 2 and 5 do not necessarily have to be paid here. Tier 2 sponsors must guarantee the salary as stated on the Certificate of Sponsorship. Tier 5 employment must accord with UK employment law. Tier 2 (General) Tier 5 (GAE)* For Tier 2, the individual must be a skilled worker (e.g. a well qualified academic), meet the Resident Labour Market Test and the minimum salary threshold of £20,000 pa – can be pro-rated for shorter stays. The maximum stay under Tier 5 (GAE) is 2 years. The GAE scheme for researchers sponsored by HEIs permits Tier 4 licence holders who hold a Tier 5 GAE licence to directly sponsor researchers. Researcher where sponsor is not a HEI As above Tier 2 (General) Tier 5 GAE As above, except that the Tier 5 (GAE) scheme is not for non- HEI sponsored researchers. BIS is working with Research Councils UK on a scheme for these researchers. Visiting LecturerNo Business Visitor Tier 5 GAE Tier 2 (General) Business visitors may give one-off, unpaid lectures at non- profit making events only – they may receive expenses. Collaborative researcher - UK and overseas university Varied scenarios – not paid, paid here, paid abroad As for researcher sponsored by HEI plus Academic Visitor if unpaid Academic visitors may take part in a formal research exchange provided they do not receive payment here. Expenses may be paid. Must be well qualified academic. Maximum stay is 12 months. * Government Authorised Exchange

32 Visa routes for researchers Coming to the UK to do research for more or less than 12 months? Will be paid in the UK? Sponsored by a UKHEI? Sponsored by public/private research organisation? Highly qualified researcher looking for research opportunities in the UK Academic Visitor visa or Tier 2 or Tier 5 sponsored Points-based system – Tier 2 (General) Points-based system – Tier 2 (General) or Tier 5 sponsored researcher Points-based system – Tier 2 (General) Sponsored by public/private research organisation? Highly qualified researcher looking for research opportunities in the UK Points-based system – Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) Points-based system – Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) Max stay: 3yr 4m; possibility to extend for extra 2 yr Points-based system – Tier 2 (General) or Tier 5 sponsored researcher Points-based system – Tier 2 (General) or Tier 5 sponsored researcher Yes <12 months >12 months Yes No Tier 2 (General) Max stay: 3yr 1m; possibility to extend extra 2yr Tier 5 sponsored researcher Max stay: 2 yrs. Must be under Government authorized exchange Points-based system

33 Are visas a problem for international researchers? Have you noticed any reduction in the numbers of international researchers coming to your institutions because of visa issues? Do you have any frequently asked questions which we should include on the website? Have you had any requests from researchers in European countries, with an EU scientific visa, who want to come to the UK for a short period?

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