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Open Data FoundationApril 2009 SURF en Open Data John Doove.

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1 Open Data FoundationApril 2009 SURF en Open Data John Doove

2 -Onderzoeksdata onderdeel verschillende werkpakketten SURFshare -verrijkte publicaties -virtuele werkomgevingen -open toegang, kwaliteit en impact -architectuur en infrastructuur -permanente toegankelijkheid SURF Innovation for Education Research & Business Processes Gigabit Internet for Higher Education and Research Legal software for an illegal price

3 SURFfoundation ResearchEducationBusiness Processes Innovation for Research Education and Business Processes SURF

4 SHARE text + data text 2007-2011 2003-2006 text + data DARE text Scholarly Communication and Research Cycle

5 4 Research - The SURFshare programme 2007-2011

6 Research Data & SURFfoundation Research data is involved in most of our WPs in the SURFshare programme: -Enhanced publications (WP 1) -Collaboratories (WP 2) -Open access, quality and impact (WP 3) -Architecture and infrastructure (WP 4) -Permanent access, long term preservation (WP 6 )

7 Initiatives SURF -Tender Projects 2007 + 2008 on Enhanced publications (2 / 5) and Collaboratories (4 / 2) -Legal studies -Project 3TU (3 Technical Universities): Valuable data and services -Workshop: Encouraging and Rewarding depositing of data DANS and SURF (Data Archiving and Networked Services & SURF (July 2008) -Research Data forum

8 SURFshare tenders on Enhanced Publications (EP); Projects (with matching) funded by SURF (WP 1) -2007 Samen in Delen (Proof of concept catalogue with 6 EPs also focused on standards DDI, SDMX, XBRL) CORF OA+ (system/model for creating EP) -> Lessons Learned-> -2008 JALC (Setting up a journal for enhanced archeological publications) ESCAPE (Resource map editor and repository) DatapluS (Continuation of Samen in Delen; with EP editor) Proefschriften Plus (25 Enhanced e-theses) Veteran Tapes (Enriching publications with transcribed interviews of veterans) Tenders 2007 + 2008

9 Legal Issues SURF (wp6) commissioned 3 reports; Centre for Intellectual Property Law (CIER): -First report now in draft on: Who owns the data? -Second report on Privacy -Third report on Liability (of repositories or datacenters)

10 Project Valuable Data & Services 3TU and SURF Researcher Needs: -No loss of knowledge -Ability to browse through data -Support in storing, preserving and discovering data -Alert possibility on newly deposited data -Conversion from one format to another (interdisciplinary interoperability) -Checklist for Data -Statistics on data use -Clear access management

11 Workshop Encouraging & Rewarding Deposits NWO (National Scientific Organization, Funding) -State responsibilities. Make data depositing a regular activity -Last payment postponed until data is deposited -Emphasize the Added value of quality data that is linked to other data (or publications) -Create centers of expertise that can support the community Universities -Start creating awareness with students and young researchers -Promote (the possibilities of) reuse of data. -Validation of data -Policies on Data (open!) data management – they signed the Berlin Declaration -Involve Data specialist when applying for funding -Showcase Good Practices

12 Encouraging and Rewarding Deposits (2) (University)Library -Link Data to publications and make data visible (if possible Repositories or with link to datacenters) -Support researchers -> Data Professional -Letter to universities, NOW and ministry: what is the policy on Open data and what are you doing to enforce it? DANS -See to it that data is deposited (if that is in the NWO contract) -Dataseal of approval -Active Acquisition of data -What is important, regularly used -> Citations / Statistics of data -Document used standards, archival formats

13 workshop Onderzoeksdata12 Encouraging and Rewarding Deposits (3) SURFfoundation -Showcase Enhanced publications -Interoperability. Standards for citation of data (persistent identifiers); for rewarding purposes -Support Workflows Universities -Make sure that publishers dont own the data (licenses for authors) -Promote Data Professionals within Universities and disseminate knowledge on research

14 Other National developments -NCDD (National Coalition of Digital Preservation) -Exploring the data landscape -Who stores what and why? -DANS (Data and Network Services) -Dataseal of approval -3TU (Collaboration of 3 Technical Universities) -Setting up of a Data center for Technical studies

15 International -Great Britain: -DCC -Management all research output in digital form -national focus research development curation issues -promote expertise and good practise -DCC life cycle model -Research Data Management Forum -JISC -Digital preservation and Records Management Programme -Germany - IZA - Open Data Foundation

16 International (2) -U.S. -Blue Ribbon Taskforce on Sustainable Preservation and Access -Access and preservation must be strategic and actionable priority -Canada: -GAP analysis -Framework Data Life Cycle -Australia : -ANDS (Australian national data service)

17 workshop Onderzoeksdata16 Coordination? 1.(Even)within SURFfoundation 2.National 3.Interdisciplinary 4.International 5.Stakeholders

18 workshop Onderzoeksdata17 Workshop Research Data (25-03) -To emphasize the growing importance of data in scholarly communication -To take stock of the different developments across disciplines and countries -To identify common issues and prioritize -To identify the stakeholders per issue -To plan further action

19 workshop Onderzoeksdata18 Results; Top 3 1.Coordination 2.Encouraging deposits and creating commitment to data not just with researchers but with institutions, funders etc. 3. Metadata standards 3. Disciplinary differences (no interdisciplinary interoperability…) 3. Preservation of which data in which format and for how long and who decides? 3. Policies (including who is responsible for what?) 3. Dissemination of knowledge and training: need for data professionals 3. Copyright and Privacy

20 Next steps Research Data Forum -Core group that will have a Helicopter view, quarterly meetings. -Group consists of Experts in the Dutch field of Primary Data -Setup working groups that will tackle more specific problems (e.g. copyright, awareness, metadata standards etc.) -Meet with International experts to solve transdisciplinary and transnational issues

21 Thanks! -Questions?

22 Coordination on a International/Interdisciplinary Level Knowledge Exchange Collaborations and exchange of knowledge and experience between the DFG (Germany), DEFF (Denmark), JISC (UK) and SURFfoundation (the Netherlands) on several topics (one of which is Primary Data) Which topics -Transdisciplinary issues (research doesnt stop at the borders) -Content aggregation (standards to ensure interoperability) -Share developments/practices/use cases to convince researchers and policy makers that sharing data is vital -Workshop on best practices to be held in 2009

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