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Welcome to SURF Workshop on Institutional Repositories Utrecht, 16 and 17 January 2007 Wim Liebrand, director SURF.

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1 Welcome to SURF Workshop on Institutional Repositories Utrecht, 16 and 17 January 2007 Wim Liebrand, director SURF

2 Utrecht 16-17 January 2007Knowledge Exchange IR Workshop2 SURF - Netherlands SURF is the Netherlands higher education and research partnership organisation for network services and information and communications technology (ICT). The Mission of SURF is to exploit and improve a common advanced ICT infrastructure that will enable higher education institutions to better realize their own ambitions and improve the quality of learning, teaching and research.

3 Utrecht 16-17 January 2007Knowledge Exchange IR Workshop3 Technical Infrastructure: SURFnet (105 FTE, 82 M€) Software services and licenses: SURF Services (20 fte, 25 M€) Innovation and Dissemination (20 fte, 25 M€): ICT and Research (Libraries, Repositories, Grid, e-Science) ICT and Education (LLL, VLE, e-Portfolio, standards, media) ICT and Organisation (SOA, Administration)

4 Utrecht 16-17 January 2007Knowledge Exchange IR Workshop4 SURF Strategy 2007 – 2010 Stakeholders: Students, Teaching Staff, Researchers Higher Education and Research Institutions Government, Society, Industry Themes: Development of the communication and information infrastructure Security and ID management Standardisation and interoperability Open Access Share knowledge, gain experience, build networks

5 Knowledge Exchange

6 Utrecht 16-17 January 2007Knowledge Exchange IR Workshop6 KE partner organisations Denmark’s Electronic Research Library German Research Foundation Joint Information Systems Committee SURF Foundation

7 Utrecht 16-17 January 2007Knowledge Exchange IR Workshop7 KE Mission and Approach Mission to develop closer working relationships between the partner organisations in order to increase the return on national investment in ICT infrastructure, services and projects in education and research. Approach By sharing knowledge, exploring differences, collaborating and promoting international dialogue, Knowledge Exchange seeks to: add genuine value to the activities of the partners organisations by fostering closer working relationships between those organisations at all levels support the European agenda by enabling access to information in education and research and thereby mobility in research and education, which requires infrastructure and services developed in collaboration create the optimal virtual environment for learners, teachers and researchers who need to choose from a wide array of possible technologies and approaches

8 Utrecht 16-17 January 2007Knowledge Exchange IR Workshop8 KE Structure Board: The board has a strategic advisory role within the initiative. It helps identify commonalities in the strategies of partner organisations and ensure that the interests of the higher education and research communities are served, with European and international perspective. Steering group: The steering group consists of senior responsible owners of the Knowledge Exchange initiative on behalf of the partner organisations. Partner representatives: Partner representatives initiate and direct the Knowledge Exchange initiative and activities. They identify issues to be addressed and decide on the initial steps to be taken in facilitating contact between the experts within the partner organisations and their communities. Office: Co-ordinates KE activities and supports the partner representatives in facilitating Knowledge Exchange.

9 Utrecht 16-17 January 2007Knowledge Exchange IR Workshop9 How does KE work? Structural exchange … Partner Reps meet frequently to discuss developments within the four organisations Continuous process of spotting opportunities, brokering between supply and demand from within the organisations Procure overviews on topics of mutual interest: state-of-affair reports comparing level of development, ambitions and issues to be solved Analyse and synthesize findings and propose next steps to proceed Strategic management meets frequently and formulates a shared vision … to support improved decisions Organise expert workshops (invite top quality input from outside KE) or conduct further research that will lead to recommendations for the partner organisations – the core business of KE! Each partner decides whether to follow the recommendations or not, whether to embark on joint or separate action

10 Utrecht 16-17 January 2007Knowledge Exchange IR Workshop10 Activities in year one (and two)  Partner perspectives  Strategic vision  Sustainability  Issues of national priority  National licences  Institutional repositories  Upcoming Issues  Open Access  e-Portfolio  Trust Federations  Virtual Learning Environments  Continuous brokerage  on emerging projects  to dentify experts  to provide prior knowledge  conference and event alerts  board vacancies  international partnerships

11 Utrecht 16-17 January 2007Knowledge Exchange IR Workshop11 Parrallel to workshop on IR: workshop on national licences, 19 and 20 February, Copenhagen Long term infrastructural change Create a framework for testing multi-national licensing A joint international tender to move the multi-national licensing agenda forward while minimising many of the risks involved. (The tender is planned for January 2007 with the bids expected to come in March/April 2007). A benchmarking project concerning licensing methods Building a common overview for licensed content during the coming months Short term benefits Exchanging best practices and exploring opportunities for improvements for the four partners Discussion of four themes (Spring 2007): Getting Content, Providing Access, Statistics and Evaluation, Access and Administration Technology.

12 Utrecht 16-17 January 2007Knowledge Exchange IR Workshop12 A new strategic vision To make a layer of scholarly and scientific content openly available on the Internet Building an integrated repository infrastructure Exploring new developments in the future of publishing Facilitating integrated management services within education and research institutions Supporting the European digital libraries agenda.

13 Utrecht 16-17 January 2007Knowledge Exchange IR Workshop13 Future Emphasis on improving value to partners by addressing key issues through a balanced mix of strategy, policy and practical activities. Aim to increase partners influence in Europe, and globally, on key strategic issues, including standards. Additional partners in the future? Potential partners must have: -National influence, national voice and funding resources -Similar or complementary objectives and goals -Education and / or research focus

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