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Manufacturing Systems & Design Engineering Dual Degree Programme All Lectures are delivered in English International Collaborative Educational System Validated by Northumbria University in U.K. What’s UNN MSDE Programme

3 UNN MSDE PROGRAMME School and Departments Joined
School of Mechanical Design & Automation Engineering Department of Die and Mould Design Department of Industrial Information Systems Engineering

4 UNN MSDE PROGRAMME UNN Curriculum Proceeding UNN Degree SNUT Degree
Remarks Freshman Academic English Liberal Arts Course Foundation course for MSDE Curriculum Sophomore MSDE Programme (108 Credits) + Compulsory Subject of SNUT (9 Credits) Lectures on MSDE Course are taught and assessed in English Junior Senior rt

5 UNN MSDE CURRICULUM Level 4 (Sophomore) Level 5 (Junior)
Level 6 (Senior) Semester 1 Semester 2 Engineering Mathematics I MSDE 213 Engineering Mathematics II MSDE 214 Dynamics MSDE 310 Mathematical Tools in Design MSDE 315 Capstone Design I (2 units) MSDE 422 Capstone Design II MSDE 423 Materials Technology MSDE 217 Energy Studies MSDE 216 CAD II MSDE 322 Machine Element Design MSDE 323 CAM MSDE 426 CAE MSDE 424 Mechanics of Materials MSDE 218 Computer Programming II MSDE 224 Database Management MSDE 328 Applied Statistics in Manufacturing MSDE 332 Design of Molded Products MSDE 425 Artificial Intelligence in MSDE 433 CAD I MSDE 220 Introduction to MSDE 231 Microprocessor Applications in MSDE 344 Control MSDE 340 Management of Manufacturing Systems MSDE 431 MEMS/ NANO Mechanics MSDE 434 MSDE 223 I Electronics MSDE 240 Digital Image Processing MSDE 360 Measurement and Instrumentation MSDE 345 Robotics MSDE 462 Advanced Machine Tools MSDE 461 Communications I MSDE 290 Communications II MSDE 291 Engineering Lab MSDE 379 Operations Research/Management Science MSDE 350

6 UNN MSDE PROGRAMME Quality Control on the Progrmme QAA Audit
British Quality Assurance Agency’s direct audit on UNN Programme Exam Board Meeting Quality Control on academic proceedings and program operations Peer Moderation Quality control on mid-term exam among UNN Academic Staff External Examiner’s Evaluation Pre-evaluation and re-validation on the final exam and other course materials by external Examiner

7 UNN MSDE PROGRAMME Feed Back System Progrmme Committee Meeting
Staff/ Students Liaison Meeting Parents’ meeting Tutoring System

8 UNN MSDE PROGRAMME Study Abroad Program EPI program
Six weeks course of intensive English and Internship program that is managed by University of Missouri-Columbia, USA Year-long Study Abroad Program Students spend one academic year studying at NU in U.K. and the credits earned on the program can be transferred to SNUT Northumbria University Class Visit During the course of UNN programme students are given an opportunity to attend lectures at NU in U.K. for two weeks.

9 UNN MSDE PROGRAMME Study Abroad Program

QAA Audit - stated it’s excellent educational system British Council - recognized it’s good practice of international exchange between Korea and Britain’s higher educations The Ministry of Education and Human recourses - benchmarked it in their effort to reform the regulations for international collaborative programme The Mass Media - introduced it as a role model for international collaborative educational system Others - a large number of Universities are benchmarking UNN Programme rt

11 UNN MSDE PROGRAMME Number of Students
Number of Students by Segments ( as of September ) Enrolled Students Temporary Withdrawal Graduates Graduand Internship (U.K.] Total 91 79 23 7 2 202 Number of Students by Levels ( as of September ) Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Study Abroad (U.K. & USA] Total 35 26 11 8 91

12 UNN MSDE PROGRAMME Graduates Graduate School
University of Oxford (U.K.) University of Cambridge (U.K.) University of Manchester (U.K.) University of Warwick (U.K.) Seoul National University (Korea) Yonsei University (Korea) Graduate school of NIT (Korea)

13 UNN MSDE PROGRAMME Graduates Employed SAMSUNG Heavy Industries
DOOSAN Heavy Industries & Constructions GM DAEWOO Auto& Technology Company KOREA District Heating Corp. DAISHIN Securities Co., Ltd. WOOJIN INC

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