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UAE Country Partnership Meeting Spring Gardens, 8 October 2010 Mr Abdul Rahim Al-Marri, UAE Cultural Attache Kate Owen, Director Dubai, Deputy Director.

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1 UAE Country Partnership Meeting Spring Gardens, 8 October 2010 Mr Abdul Rahim Al-Marri, UAE Cultural Attache Kate Owen, Director Dubai, Deputy Director UAE, Regional Manager Education UK Tim Carnley, Education UK Promotion Manager, UAE

2 Country Partnership Meeting Agenda Guest Speaker1000 – 1100 UAE Cultural Attache – Mr Abdulrahim Al-Marri UAE Market Update1115 – 1215 Lunch1215 – 1245 Interactive presentation1245 – 1315 Update on research activity UAE Scholarships update TNE in the UAE Open discussion1315 – 1345

3 Market Update Agenda Macro environment analysis – PESTEL and recent events Micro environment analysis – competitors and the industry Analysis of the UKs position in the market Strategic fit – Strengths/Opportunities, Weaknesses/Threats and the market for UK education Education UK objectives and activities

4 PESTEL Analysis – Political Increasing profile of Abu Dhabi – the most significant political shift came with Abu Dhabis $10b bailout of Dubais debt in November 2009 and the renaming of the Burj Khalifa Tower 2010-2020 thought by some to be Abu Dhabis decade, in contrast to the last decade belonging to Dubai Federal/state issues – Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Knowledge and Human Development Authoritys University Quality Assurance International Board Top-heavy decision making will never change Growing concerns of regional stability, but UAE itself remains stable

5 PESTEL Analysis – Economic Conflicting reports… Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum - Dubais vision is unchanged Dubai World debt successfully restructured – growing confidence? Hotels opening across the UAE, retail sector boost and rise in oil price Other reports suggest a more dismal outlook for Dubai this Autumn Recovering, but at a slow rate Abu Dhabi has invested a great deal in reinventing itself - Abu Dhabi 2030 aims to grow GDP to $416 billion with non-oil economies supplying 64%

6 PESTEL Analysis – Social Population estimated at 8.19m in May report from National Bureau of Statistics, with a drop in the Emirati % - likely to be closer to 5m Trends - globalisation, living standards, empowerment of women, blurring of some traditional roles/values Young population – majority (80%) still in 15-59 age bracket, median age 30 Increase in school attendance rates to over 750,000, with significant increase in students attending private schools, including Emirati families Recruitment picking up - 33% increase in vacancies in second quarter of 2010, 45% up on same period last year ( 80% of Arab respondents wanted to work in public sector in the future (TNS Audience Research Summer 2010)

7 PESTEL Analysis – Technological Online state Blackberry - security issues SMS promotions taken seriously – 42% find it interesting & 52% find it influential (TNS Audience Research Summer 2010) High penetration (71%) and depth of internet usage, 86% across GCC involved in forums and chatting. 3% looking for education-related information, but this is second only to emails and chatting (TNS Audience Research Summer 2010) Infrastructure projects – new airports, nationwide railway UAE takes a seat on International Atomic Energy Agency

8 PESTEL Analysis – Environmental En vogue - awareness raising and initiatives (green building codes etc.) are numerous but public action/understanding remains low Abu Dhabi taking the lead – Masdar City, raising awareness by including environmental studies in school curriculum Water consumption/conservation a key issue UAE continues to hold environmental summits/conferences - environmentally friendly tourism Emirates Environmental Group the only dedicated organisation Public transport initiatives

9 PESTEL Analysis – Legal Licensing and quality assurance a key priority at KHDA Freezones provide relatively straightforward procedures for establishing a presence, but very little legal power held by foreign organisations Male non-nationals required to leave at 18 yrs Construction Law – British University in Dubai and Kings College London

10 Dubai Zayed University Dubai begins classes for male students to widen currently limited federal HE options, with over 100 in the first intake – future PG recruitment opportunity? Abu Dhabi ADEC (Abu Dhabi Education Council) launches school overhaul and Higher Education Strategy ( Kaplan International Colleges foundation course at IAT (Institute of Applied Technology) Minister of HESR keen to eliminate remedial foundation programmes in HE institutions Zayed University to move to new state-of-the-art campus in 2011 Recent events in the Emirates

11 Sharjah Teaching hospital to open next year, affiliated to University of Sharjah Ras Al Khaimah American University RAK established on old George Mason campus, following a similar model to American Universities in Dubai and Sharjah Recent events in the Emirates

12 Competitor Analysis IDP runs a roadshow alongside NAJAH exhibition in Abu Dhabi, also taking institutions to Dubai and Al Ain Specific areas of Canada and US recently arranged agent fam-trips, organised by institutions US raising profile through NYU in Abu Dhabi and research alliances Europe: Alliance Francaise begins school visits, DAAD present at large scale exhibitions Malaysia takes huge stands at UAE exhibitions

13 British Council estimates using data from the following sources: AEI, Statistics Canada, IIE, HESA, Dept. of Education NZ, UNESCO. * Latest available UNESCO data are for 2006-07, Canada data are for 2005-06. UAE-domiciled students in major competitor markets 2007-8

14 British Council estimates using data from the following sources: AEI, Statistics Canada, IIE, HESA, Dept. of Education NZ, UNESCO. * Latest available UNESCO data are for 2006-07, Canada data are for 2005-06. UAE Nationals in major competitor markets 2007-8

15 Agents in the UAE Dubai New to us - Australian Agency for Education and Training, Premiers Management Consultancy Concerns about payment of commission Canadian and US fam-trips Increase in applications Some concerns about their own role and maintaining competitive edge - list of agents, soon to be updated with new cohort of trainee counsellors

16 Agents in the UAE Abu Dhabi Experienced an increase in UK enquiries after the summer Business, IT, Engineering, MBA - law courses new to the market Medicine-specific agent saw increase in UK numbers 2 agents we contacted for feedback sent a combined 52 students to UK this year Concerns about turnaround time and feel other countries respond faster, but generally happy with working relationships with UK institutions Concerned about lack of MoHESR scholarships to UK, as this results in business for some agents Participating in Canadian, Australian and US mini-exhibitions

17 29% increase in Emirati applications on March-September last year 81% increase in Emirati applications in first year of PBS Issue rate for Emiratis around 88% Overall issue rate for UAE (including Pakistan and Iran applications) is 67% Recap of 2008 figures – 5444 (Abu Dhabi: 4108, Dubai: 1336) Visas – UKBA feedback

18 Gulf relatively straight forward compared to other high-risk regions Stakeholder engagement has helped significantly, with British Council and ADEC Some applicants still not providing original education certificates mentioned in their CAS record UKBA advises institutions to use the Sponsor Note section to enter any additional details, and make sure to issue new CAS for each application (obviously difficult if student doesnt inform institution!) When in-country contact Ian Walker, Entry Clearance Manager, at for a visit (Abu Dhabi only) Visas – UKBA feedback

19 Level of HE study of UAE domiciled students 2003-2009 Source: HESA student record (2010) Jan-June 2010: visa applications 729, issued 510, refused 183

20 Source: HESA Student Record (2010) Level of HE study of UAE domiciled students 2003-2009

21 Trends in the UAE international student market PG Research – slight increase PG Taught – substantial growth, over half of actual new students UG First degree – around 30% of actual new students UG Other undergraduate – substantial growth on last year, between 50 and 60 actual new students (Bachelors courses in a range of fields, mostly aged 18 to 23)

22 The UAE in context: level of HE study of Gulf domiciled students 2003-2009 Source: HESA Student Record (2010)

23 Popular subjects for UAE students Source: HESA Student Record (2010)

24 UCAS applications Source: UCAS, (*2010 acceptances not yet complete)

25 70% male, 30% female basically consistent across the board (Emiratis 80% male to 20% female, Indian nationals 60% male to 40% female) Nationalities: Emirati (around 40%), Indian, UK, Pakistan, unknown, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Canada, Lebanon First degree optimum age 18-20, postgrad 35+ followed by 30-34 Overall issue rate for UAE (including Pakistan and Iran applications) is 67% Recap of 2008 figures - 5444 (Abu Dhabi: 4108, Dubai: 1336) Demographics summary Source: HESA Student Record (2010)

26 Students from UAE in further education 1996–2007 Sources: Department for Employment and Learning (2008), Further Education Statistical Record, Northern Ireland; Learning and Skills Council for England (2008), Individualised Student Record (2008) for Wales; Scottish Further Education Funding Council (2008)

27 Gulf students in UK ELT 2006-2008

28 Strengths and Opportunities Strong perceptions of quality among students - the first choice for families? PR campaigns based on quality British Council and British Embassy support in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi school and institution visits UK qualifications valued highly by employers Promoting work opportunities in the UAE to existing students, PR based on Success Stories Work opportunities Highlighting opportunities for students to gain work experience/pay for fees 1yr Masters courses - almost half people in 30-39 age bracket believe minimum Masters is critical to success (TNS Audience Research Summer 2010 - GCC regional) Identify source institutions/companies for PG specific future promotion

29 Strengths and Opportunities Cultural diversity / tolerance - 60% of regional respondents have a positive perception of the UK (TNS Audience Research Summer 2010) PR campaigns Provision of suitable care and support Physical proximity to UAE PR campaigns Largely good relationship with agents Next step a fam-trip? Switch to private education by many Emirati families Identifying schools with high ratio of locals for visits Success of partnerships with Higher Colleges of Technology Regular contact with Education UK to identify areas of collaboration

30 Other opportunities Social media and online promotion Alumni Exhibitions Visits by high level staff Attendance at local conferences - use Education UK as a source of advice

31 Weaknesses and Threats Slow turnaround of university applications (in contrast to US and Australia) Agents/scholarship organisations continue to send to competitor countries More synergy between Arab system and competitor education systems Lose students to competitor countries Quality and type of accommodation Perception of support level deteriorates Expense Expatriate students turn to other countries, or stay in the UAE

32 Marketing the UK Diversity and natural beauty Multicultural museums, music and markets A Britain beyond London Modern luxury and Britains status as an island Efficiency and expertise in getting things done Home of the English language - 46% of respondents felt they lacked suitable language skills (TNS Audience Research Summer 2010 – GCC regional)

33 Education UK UAE objectives 2009-10 1) To increase awareness of UK education and the number of UAE students studying in the UK at all levels - HESA stats suggest 16% increase, applications up, 5000 T3 contacts reached in 2009- 10 2) To develop ambassadors for UK education – support to increasing number of agents, scholarship office support, Success Stories due this year 3) To secure the UKs position as a leader in international education and build strategic partnerships and alliances between UK and UAE institutions – 6 PMI2 Connect research partnerships and travel grants 4) To ensure the quality of the student pre-departure experience – summer 2010 sessions saw highest attendance rates so far

34 Education UK UAE objectives 2010-11 1) Raise quality of engagement with students 2) Identify ways for Education to add value for students 3) Increase public exposure of UK education 4) Raise quality of engagement with schools

35 Education UK UAE stakeholder engagement Agent support Information sessions, social events, joint events, visa training with UKBA, newsletters Scholarship office support Visa training with UKBA, newsletters School Counsellors Club Visa training with UKBA, UCAS training, pathways to UK education Annual pre-departure briefings Highest attendance to date - almost 100 across 3 sessions School visits Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah,

36 Upcoming Education UK UAE activities Launch of new Education UK website Within this year Education UK Exhibition January 2010 Kuwait 12-13 Abu Dhabi 16 Dubai 17-18 Bahrain 20 Market research …

37 Recent/upcoming external education events in the UAE Sharjah Education Show 2010 – currently taking place Traditionally quiet exhibition for local players GETEX Autumn 2010 – October and November Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai NAJAH Education Training Careers 2010 – October 19-21 Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centres flagship education event - showcase for local providers Global Vision UK Exhibition – end of October UAE Education Conference – 5-6 October First education conference, organised by Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies

38 UAE Education UK Team Kate Owen - Regional Manager Education UK, Dubai Tim Carnley - Education UK Promotion Manager, Dubai Joann Mazarello - Education UK Advisor, Dubai Amal Serhan - Education UK Advisor, Dubai Sara Himoudi - Education UK Advisor, Abu Dhabi

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