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Online Trade Communities Promote, Connect & Grow 26 th September 2012.

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1 Online Trade Communities Promote, Connect & Grow 26 th September 2012

2 Worldwide Internet Stats

3 WORLD INTERNET USAGE AND POPULATION STATISTICS December 31, 2011 World Regions Population ( 2011 Est.) Internet Users Dec. 31, 2000 Internet Users Latest Data Penetration Growth 2000-2011 Users % Africa 1,037,524,0584,514,400139,875,24213.5 %2,988.4 %6.2 % Asia3,879,740,877114,304,0001,016,799,07626.2 %789.6 %44.8 % Europe816,426,346105,096,093500,723,68661.3 %376.4 %22.1 % Middle East 216,258,8433,284,80077,020,99535.6 % 2,244.8 %3.4 % North America347,394,870108,096,800273,067,54678.6 %152.6 %12.0 % Latin America / Carib.597,283,16518,068,919235,819,74039.5 %1,205.1 %10.4 % Oceania / Australia35,426,9957,620,48023,927,45767.5 %214.0 %1.1 % WORLD TOTAL6,930,055,154360,985,4922,267,233,74232.7 % 528.1 %100.0 %

4 3 Facts You Need To Know 73% of Business purchasers work related media consumption time is spent online. 75% of C Level Executives use the internet every day at work. 83% of B2B Buyers research online, with 70% starting research on search engines.

5 SME Challenges Increase sales revenue Higher margins Increase customer base - within the country & beyond Find new customers for existing & new products Ability to promote products and services Diversification - new products, Investment & Vendors Retain existing Customers Minimize risk

6 Online Trading Communities What Does It Offer: Big base of global buyers Billions of dollars worth of trade online in MENA. Easy, less expensive option to find new customers and increase sales revenue. A great tool for B2B marketing & lead generation. It’s available to all RAK FTZ Members.

7 Benefits Customers who are using Trading Communities are* : More than 40% of the SMEs have been able to increase sales revenue by 15% using online communities Most of SME’s have been able to identify and establish relationship with 2 new buyers SME’s are receiving a minimum of 5 qualified trade leads a month More than 20% have been able to add new products to their product portfolio by identifying and connecting with new suppliers * Based on a survey conducted by Tejari on 300 SME’s

8 Benefits As A Buyer More Options. Better Prices. Higher Quality Products. Versatility. As A Supplier Exposure to Bigger Markets. Improves Business Maturity. Lower cost. Improves Business Agility.

9 Promote Your Products

10 Monitor Your Performance

11 Connect With Businesses


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