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Mrs. Dames and Mrs. Rivera

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1 Mrs. Dames and Mrs. Rivera
Welcome, parents!

2 Our Goals To give our students the academic and social skills they need to progress to the next grade level. To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment.

3 Uniforms We are a mandatory uniform school.
Uniform should be worn every day. Spirit shirt may be worn on Fridays with uniform bottoms. Jeans are not allowed unless they are pre-approved by administration.

4 Grading Scale Grade Numerical Value A 90-100% B 80-89% C 70-79% D
60-69% F 50-59%

5 Grading Scale Cont. Students receive grades for all subjects.
Weekly grades are not only based on tests but also on class work and home learning. The effort number reflected on their report card is based on: class participation, homework and work neatness.

6 Dismissal Bus students, All-Stars and walkers are dismissed by Mrs. Rivera Parent pick-up students are dismissed by Mrs. Dames

7 Parent Involvement We believe that parent/guardian involvement is a crucial part of a child’s education. (Home Learning) Here are a variety of ways in which you can be involved (must be approved by the teacher/ principal): Chaperone a field trip. Attend PTA meetings or student programs in the evening. Donate needed school supplies. Copy Paper Dry-erase markers

8 Parent Involvement Parent Pin / Student ID Bookmark
Become a Volunteer! Only online… Media Center opens on Wednesdays from 2:30 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. Please give your child a bottle with water every day. Please make sure that your child brings his/her bookbag with all the homework and supplies.

9 Class Subjects The subjects we cover during fourth grade are:
Math (Mrs. Rivera) Science (Mrs. Rivera) Spanish (Mrs. Rivera) Social studies (Mrs. Dames) Reading (Mrs. Dames) Language Arts/ Writing (Mrs. Dames)

10 Home-Learning Reinforce prior lessons. Develop responsibility.
Parent involvement. (Please check homework daily.) Students must read 30 minutes. Students are responsible for completing and turning in their assignments on time. Students must show their work in Math. Students should write down their names at home to receive credit. Sharpen 5 pencils & coloring pencils at home every day. (No Mechanical pencils)

Arrive on time (Attendance taken at 8:35 AM.) Come into class and copy their home learning off the board. Then they have to place the new homework in their bookbag. Students should give us any notes from parents in the morning. Students need to turn in doctor’s notes or sick notes within 3 days. Follow all the rules and directions inside and outside the classrooms.

12 Assessments
Date Assessment October 27 – November 14 Interim Assessment (IA): English Language Arts and Mathematics** January 26 – February 13 March 2 – 13 Florida Standards Assessments (FSA):  English Language Arts – Writing Component March 16 – April 10 Florida Standards Assessments (FSA):  English Language Arts and Mathematics May 11 – June 5 District-Designated End-of-Course (DDEOC)

13 Parents, Please Remember to Sign…
Sheet Open House Title 1 Annual Meeting Sign-in Sheet

14 Let’s Have a Great Year! Contact the teachers:
Mrs. Dames’ Mrs. Dames’ Website: Mrs. Rivera’s Mrs. Rivera’s Website:

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