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2 OUR PARTNERS Mrs. Lisa Darwood Selly Park Technology College for Girls Mrs. Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson Anderton Park School & Childrens Centre Birmingham Ms. Bernadette Przybeck Kings Heath Boys Mathematics and Computing College, Birmingham

3 Left to right Muhammad Masood BhuttaPrincipal Muhammad AkbarScience Teacher Muhammad Asif Iqbal MalikTechnical Teacher Syed Asim Raza HamdaniComputer Teacher Dr. Amjad QureshiLink Coordinator Jahangir AhmadGeneral Teacher My School Cluster Team Members

4 GOVT. PILOT SECONDARY SCHOOL MULTAN PUNJAB PAKISTAN I, Muhammad Masood Bhutta Head Teacher of Govt. Pilot Secondary School, Multan received instructions from our department to participate in training and get connected with British Council Project Manager Mrs. Rukhsana Asim. I came in connect with her and get the further instructions and training program.

5 Our school was selected in Connecting Classroom project like other schools of Multan city. La Salle Higher Secondary School Multan was selected as our Cluster Center for training and communication. Four other schools were also participating like us. GOVT. PILOT SECONDARY SCHOOL MULTAN PUNJAB PAKISTAN


7 In August 2008 we got 1 st training and meeting with all the members of this cluster. The training was arranged by the British Council. Instructors, Miss Amna Saeed, Mr. Abbas and Mr. Raheem, delivered tremendous lectures and taught us the latest methodology and technology. We became aware of importance of Professional Teachers Development, English language, Leadership and Mentoring Workshop and use of IT in classrooms. This training opened the new horizon about the betterment of students education in classrooms and community. GOVT. PILOT SECONDARY SCHOOL MULTAN PUNJAB PAKISTAN

8 It was an altogether new experience for us. Our students were eager to learn about their partner school so we decided to exchange the student profile. Both sides came to know about likes and dislike habits and families of one another and were amazed to find that their general interests were the same. Through this partnership we initially aimed at not only the enhancing the English language proficiency of our students but also the developing the eagerness to learn, understand and value cultural diversity. GOVT. PILOT SECONDARY SCHOOL MULTAN PUNJAB PAKISTAN

9 MY UK VISIT In February – March this year when I visited our partner schools, I was given a warm welcome not only by the teacher and the students but also by the parents who were highly appreciative of this partnership and were thrilled that their children had international guest in their school.

10 MY UK VISIT One of them was the view: It is a great opportunity for my children come to know about the cultural and Islamic activities came be closer and closer for which I was worried about my child being a Muslim.

11 I was surprised to see the environment class rooms and institutions of UK. Many of tips I acquired to implement in my school in Pakistan. I appreciate the devoted behavior of teachers and eagerness of students to learn. Through this visit we came closer and the project activities were enhanced. Till that time I was connected to that people and exchanging our activity material and information by the help of internet and Connecting Classroom website. MY UK VISIT

12 UK Visit

13 During my stay it was came to my knowledge that the enrollment of students that 97% students and their parents belong to Asian Muslims. I realized the importance of Connecting Classroom project. I took many steps to implement all of these techniques in my school to improve the standard of education and the environment of classrooms. MY UK VISIT

14 Awareness Program arranged in school I arranged a meeting of all the students of my institution. They were very excited to know about my UK visit. I explained all the happenings of my tour. I narrated every moment of my stay and activities. I also mentioned the knack, proficiency and aptitude of UK teachers and students.

15 Enhance the vision of students During project activities (perception, a day in student life, cultural collage and recipes) students came to know all about their self and about the people far from them. Many qualities of Thinking, creativity, behavior, communication, research improved in our students. They became very excited to know new activity to learn some more.

16 Spoken English Classes To improve the English Language of my teachers I arranged many meetings and to keep them aware, confident and fluently English speaker. I advised them to always speak in English without shying and hesitating. They applied these techniques in classrooms and improved the students language. They are trying to improve the understanding and vocabulary.

17 Soft Board We used the soft board technique in our staffroom to display their creation and important notes to share their knowledge. We are trying to provide soft board in each class. It created a good impact on school environment. Everyone tries to display personal knowledge to expose the new horizons.

18 Community Involvement My teachers (involved in this project) co-operated me to get full advantage of with new activities to enhance the importance of this project. We have community council in our school 8 members. I involved them by giving awareness meeting with the help of my teachers. After that meeting they became aware all the community and selected some parents of our school students to involved in this project. Some of them came to us to know all about the project and its importance. We had many meetings with them at every activity and they appreciated us and helped their children.

19 Use of teaching methodology By using new methodology our teachers created a learning environment in the classrooms and got good results. We displayed many handmade charts of these techniques in classrooms. We used many presentations to show the globalization and involvement of PK/UK activities.

20 Creative drawings activity In every class I gave an assignment to draw a creative picture of their interest from their curriculum. We arranged exhibition and distributed prizes to the best of three drawings.

21 Internet facility in computer lab Just after the training of British Council Connecting Classroom I facilitated computer lab by high speed DSL for internet use. We got much benefits of this device. My school Link Coordinator Dr. Amjad Qureshi used his skill to upload the data on connecting classroom web. urceid=1479;id=r1479 urceid=1479;id=r1479

22 Traffic awareness program I requested District Police Officer to arrange a Comprehensive Lecture on Traffic awareness for students. He accepted my request and visited with his team for said purpose. He gave many tips to avoid road accidents.

23 Sports Achievements (Base Ball Inter Schools National Championship) Our school is National Champion 2008 and 2009 of Base Ball Inter School National Championship held in Lahore Pakistan. 20082009

24 Project Activities Activities developed the characters of our kids. Leadership, communication skills, research orientation, co-operation, learning skills, devotion, helpful, honesty, loyalty, eagerness, creativity

25 Project Activities Perception about UK and PK Students of our school jotted down the perceptions of both UK/PK and tried to find out as much as much they could to see how far they were right. It was quite a challenge as the perceptions of some students were challenged and a lot of miss conceptions were cleared through this activity.

26 Project Activities Day in Students Life. It was a traditional activity. Every one has ones own life style. Students got the chance to see one another living style and daily routine life of different students. After that they displayed their material on soft board to share this information with all students. Some of them realize that what is missing in their life style. They mended their style and improved the living.

27 Project Activities Cultural Collogue Our team collected data from many sources and compile the activity.

28 Project Activities Exchange of Recipes PK and UK Recipe exchange activity provided opportunity to come closer to be familiar with new traditional recipes of each other. My staff arranged a meeting to involve parents and collected information and ingredients of recipes. My students did cooking with the help of parents and compile report to send to UK.

29 Visit of Dominic Register The UK guest Mr. Dominic Register visited us. We were fully prepared to welcome him warmly. We had arranged a Flower Show because it was a bloom season in the mid of March and also special traditional Pea Cock Dance to amuse our distinguish guest. Mr. Dominic Register was very happy to see this involvement and appreciated our work in connecting classroom project.

30 Peacock Dance Dance

31 Flower Show

32 Letters from UK We got some material from UK partners. We displayed all the materials on soft boards and arranged an exhibition. All the students of our school read these letters and saw all the drawings of UK students. They were much admired to know words about their self and were very happy to see the love in their drawings.

33 We are eagerly looking forward to our UK partners to visit our school. I must confess that being a part of the Connecting Classroom program has been a remarkable experience for our students and my visit to our partner school has really energized us and made us look forward to long solid partnership. The gain, both personal and professional has been immeasurable and we are great to the British Council for providing us such a plate form, especially to British Council staff for extending their assured cooperation.


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