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Jing and other useful products

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1 Jing and other useful products
Libby Rowswell

2 Why Jing online? Multiple opportunities for the learner to watch/listen to an online demonstration Add a teacher’s voice to a demo Allows a teacher to respond to a student assignment with visual & audio Flexibility-those who were absent for the classroom lesson can watch/listen to the online demo to catch up. Also caters for late enrolments Provides opportunity for repetition and revision As part of blended delivery, demos and quizzes allow student to progress at own pace through an integrated unit Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne Australia

3 Jing Screen and voice capture program for still or video
- free Jing version lets you record and narrate up to 5min video accessible via internet Use to demonstrate computer related tasks- word processing, excel, navigate a website Use Jing to make PowerPoint shows, talking books, solving maths problems etc Respond to students questions using Jing link in an

4 Jing
Help manual- if you need!---- Record your own- 5 min for free, you’ll need an to download the software and a microphone headset- $20.

5 Jing Jing files are SWF -Sounds complex?
The easier option is to upload your Jing movie to You get a discreet weblink for each movie so you can paste into an , web page, wiki, blog, webct Uploads are stored at Dictation Maths problem

6 Jing Plug in the microphone headset and check your sound preferences
On the Sun Icon, click Capture and draw a rectangle around the screen area for capture – a section, or the whole window Capture a still-screen shot, or a video If you click video, there is a 3 second delay, then record and narrate whatever happens on the screen Pause, restart and stop buttons.

7 Jing Jing Save the file with a NAME-gives a SWF file that remains local Upload the SWF to your Screencast account -stores the file at Screencast and gives a web link that you paste as a the link into WebCT, Moodle, a WIKI or just to students etc

8 Jing - demo Rehearse Record Save swf????? optional Upload
Put the link where the learners can use it Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne Australia

9 Jing your PowerPoint 2007 Create the slides in PP
Reduce the PP screen size to about 35% Click on Slide Show Set up Slide Show Browsed by Individual ok Jing PP demo Start the PowerPoint show and record link to preposition pp

10 Jing- Dos & Don’ts Always check the microphone Start/ Setting/ Control Panel / Sound & Audio. Do the microphone test Don’t have additional programs open- it gets distracting and slows the upload Rehearse-it might take a few times to get it right- Write a few notes-key words related to your main message or instruction Don’t swirl the mouse around as you talk. I have to work hard not to talk with my hands as this is very distracting for the learners.

11 Jing- Dos & Don’ts Jing records the action on the screen, not the sound, or music in a powerpoint- Jing only gets sound through the mic Uploading to Screencast means that you have a remote library of your Jing movies You do need internet No reliable internet? Save the swf files on your intranet and run them locally as a demo using Jing History. ( on the Sun)

12 Collaboration on the web
WIKI Collaboration on the web

13 WIKI A collaborative space where people can access & contribute (depending on security you choose) eg WIKI pedia -check out the video on our Home page Check out my page on ACAL resources Look for an ad-free education WIKI- why?? Look at mine

14 WIKI-what you share Add content -text, graphics, etc
Add weblinks- Jing, Podcasts, other websites Embed videos from You Tube & other Add comments on pages Attach docs, other files at the bottom of the screen

15 Hot Potatoes Quiz maker

16 Hot Potatoes Free Quiz Maker from
Drag & Drop matching quiz Cloze Mixed up sentences Multiple choice Crossword Textoys *******predictive sentences Sequencing –words or sentences Quandary-pick a path - consequences

17 Hot Potato examples I used the links below in the ACAL presentation, I have recreated them at the bottom of the Hot Potatoes page on this website Click here to view quizzes and help files if the links below don't work Jmix shopbuta.htm Jmix shopbutd.htm Jmatch States.htm Jcloze climate.htm Jcross Animal Crossword Web Rhubarb inkitchen.htm Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

18 Hot Potato -how they are made Jing demos These help videos are also available on the Hot Potatoes page on this website. Click here is the links below do not work- cheers Libby Jmatch States make Jmatch Jcloze climate Making a J Cloze Jcross jcrossword _animals Web Rhubarb inkitchen.htm Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

19 Hot Potatoes – the process
When using HotPot, you create an editable file that ends with .jcl, jmt etc Click on the magical spider web to “export” html file which is the interactive quiz NQR?? Make changes to .jcl etc then export html again Upload html file for students to use

20 happy Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne Australia
Open Hotpot quiz type Type text Save Hotpot file-.jmt,jcl, etc Change appearance or instructions Alter/apply config Save Hotpot file .jmt .jcw etc Export to HTML & save Review html & close Edit Hotpot quiz Upload the html for learners happy Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne Australia

21 Hot Potatoes – config file
Use Options- Configure to “configure” or customise your quizzes to give them a similar look-colour scheme, font, - and save this config file to apply to multiple quiz types to change the wording of the instructions To remove the navigation bars Most quiz types can contain graphics or sound Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne Australia

22 Hot Potatoes- how to share
These are html pages and so need to be added to a website, or webct etc They could be put on local intranet and when learners open they will function correctly in IE/Firefox at the local level The HTML files can be uploaded to share If you want to use graphics or sound, save all .jpg, sound, hot pot, and html files in the one folder Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne Australia

23 Other Goodies too good to miss
Quiz maker

24 Other goodies- LORN – online repository- improved search facilities
BTN- the new website is great. All stories archived, and you can just use one segment- 3-5 minutes. It also has transcripts, and even question sheets Interactive Ochre Learning Federation- written for P-12, Curric Fnd. - excellent content, just avoid the kiddies ones

25 Thank You Please visit our WIKI at
I have added lots of links to different pages so please visit.

26 For more information on this presentation please contact:
Libby Rowswell E_Learning Leader Foundation Studies

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