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Standard XIII- Matter and Energy Transfer

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1 Standard XIII- Matter and Energy Transfer
Biology AHSGE Standard XIII- Matter and Energy Transfer

2 Standard XIII Content Standard 13- Trace the flow of energy as it decreases through the trophic levels from producers to the quaternary level in food chains, food webs, and energy pyramids. ELIGIBLE CONTENT Trace the flow of energy through food chains, food webs, and energy pyramids.

3 Energy All energy ultimately comes from the sun.
Autotroph/producer- Organism that can make its own food Absorbs the sun’s energy with chlorophyll Convert light energy into chemical energy Chemical energy- Glucose (Food, sugar, starch, carbohydrates) Energy is transferred to other organisms in the form of food (chemical energy).

4 Food Chains A single pathway showing the order of organisms connected as sources of food energy and material Always starts with a producer/autotroph and ends with a top predator Arrows represent transfer of biomass (dry weight of organism)

5 Food Chains Trophic level- Feeding level after the producer/autotrophy
Heterotrophs- Organisms that can not make their own food (consumers) Primary consumer-Feeds on the producer (usually a herbivore- plant eater) Secondary consumer- Feeds on the primary consumer (usually an omnivore- plant and animal/flesh eater) Tertiary consumer- Feeds on the secondary consumer (carnivore- animal/flesh eater) Quarternary consumer- Feeds on the tertiary consumer (Carnivore)


7 Food Chains

8 Energy Cycle

9 Food Web/Network A complex network of interactions; all of the feeding relationships (food chains) of an ecosystem.

10 Energy/Ecological Pyramid
A graphical representation designed to show the relationship between energy and trophic levels of a given ecosystem. Relationship demonstrated by the number of individuals (population), the amount of biomass, or the amount of energy at a given trophic level. More individuals/biomass/population/energy at the bottom Decreases with every trophic level;Least amounts at the top Begin with producers on the bottom and proceed through the various trophic levels, the highest is on top. Most energy is used up at each level Only ten percent of the previous level can be passed on to the next (move the decimal to the left once each level)

11 Energy/Ecological Pyramid

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