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Working with EUROPEAID

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1 Working with EUROPEAID
Opportunities for EU Private Sector Actors in EU Development Cooperation Jolita Butkeviciene Director – Latin America & Caribbean European Commission DG Development and Cooperation - EuropeAid

2 Geographical distribution of EU funds
2013 commitments in million euros 2,556.1 1,060.6 1,782.2 923.3 1,735.5 Neighbourhood Asia, Central Asia, Middle East/Gulf and Pacific East and Southern Africa West and Central Africa Latin America and Caribbean

3 Horizontal programmes
129.4 Democracy and human rights 2013 commitments in million euros 52.5 Nuclear safety 132.2 Water-food-infrastructure facilities 984.1 Thematic programmes 74.6 Stability Instrument

4 Sectoral breakdown ODA managed by the European Commission – 2013 commitments in million euros 5,377 1,797 867 Social Infrastructures Education, health, water, government, civil society Budget support, food aid, food security Production Agriculture, forestry, fishing, industry, trade, etc 1,955 1,556 1,010 Multi-sector/crosscutting Environment, other Humanitarian Aid Economic infrastructure and services Transport, communications, energy, etc Not including other/unallocated: admin costs, unspecified (692)

5 Geographical coverage
Eastern Europe Asia Mediterranean Caribbean Latin America Africa Asia Latin America Pacific European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instruments (ENPI) Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI) European Development Fund (EDF) South Africa

6 A huge and very transparent market! ...but also very competitive.

7 How can EU actors participate in the programmes financed by EUROPEAID?
Companies in the first place by: Taking part in tenders for service, work or supply contracts published in the framework of EU-financed development programmes and projects. Business Intermediary Organisations like chambers, business associations or export promotion agencies by: Seeking grants in the framework of Calls for proposals tailored to these actors. Main difference: tenders for service, supply or work contracts are normal business contracts whereas grants have a clear non- profit orientation. How can EU actors participate in the programmes financed by EUROPEAID?

8 Where to find the INFO A huge market, but… Very competitive!

9 A huge market, but… Very competitive! Where to find the INFO

10 How to participate: Example supplies

11 How to participate: Example services

12 How to participate: Example works

13 How to participate: grants
Different target group: Generally non-profit (NGOs, Local Governments, Chambers, Business associations) Aim at capacity building in the host country. Establishing institutional networks with partner countries How to participate: grants

14 How to participate: Example grants
Central Asia Invest The Central Asia Invest Programme supports the development of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in Central Asian Countries. It provides grants to European and Central Asian business intermediary organisations. Focused on capacity building activities to improve services for local SME’s areas such as export promotion, food processing and female entrepreneurship. How to participate: Example grants

15 How to participate: Example grants
Switch Asia : €120 mil. Objective: to promote Sustainable Consumption and Production in Asia. Beneficiaries are non-for-profit organisations, chambers of commerce, business organisations, international organisations, local municipalities. Areas: resource efficiency, cleaner production, green public procurement, renewable energy, water efficiency, consumer awareness etc. Call for proposals end of 2014 How to participate: Example grants

16 How to participate successfully:
Use your competitive advantage! For example: Your language skills Existing business ties and contacts Specific knowledge of target market Build-up new competences systematically For example, extending language skills, contacts, knowledge Team-up with the right people. Especially if you have no prior experience, try to start by being a junior partner in a consortium led by a strong and experienced company with a good track record. How to participate successfully:

17 Good luck!

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