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Francisco Ferreira Nº4 João Vinha Nº 10. ..::Bolo Rei (King Cake)::..

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1 Francisco Ferreira Nº4 João Vinha Nº 10

2 ..::Bolo Rei (King Cake)::..

3 Bolo Rei is a traditional portuguese cake that is eaten at Christmas time. It has a round form with a big hole on the center, that reminds a crown painted by dry and crystallized fruit. Inside the cake there are mixes with white and soft paste: raisins, dry fruit, crystallized fruit, and the characteristic broad bean, it is aid that how has the broad bean in its slice has the right to make a wish...::What is Bolo Rei::..

4 ..::Ingredients to make the Bolo Rei::.. Ingredients: 1 Kg flour; 40 g baker leaven; 1,5 dl milk; 150 g sugar; juice and scraping of 1 orange; 1 goblet of port wine; 125 g melted butter; 4 yolk; 2 eggs; 1 dl beer; 200 g crystallized fruit; 100 g dry fruit; flour to sprinkle; lard to grease; egg to paint; crystallized fruit to decorate; sugar in powder to sprinkle.

5 ..::How make the Bolo Rei::.. Put the flour in a bowl, open a hole in the centre and put the leaven in there dissolved in lukewarm milk. Knead well, make a ball and let it leaven (until it duplicates the volume). Get the sugar, the juice, the scrapes of orange, the port wine, the melted butter, the yolks, the eggs and the beer together. Knead and beat well the paste over a marble table. Mix the fruit in the paste, form a ball, sprinkle with flour and let it leaven again. Divide the paste in portions, being 800 g of paste 1 cake of 1 Kg. With each portion make a ball and form a cake giving it the traditional look. Put the cakes in chessboard greased with lard, cover it with eggs and decorate it with crystallized fruits and little load of powder sugar. Cook it for about 50 minutes, in a furnace at a temperature of 170 degrees. Certify if the cake is cooked before taking it out of the furnace.

6 The Biggest Bolo Rei in Portugal: Funchal – Madeira (island) The cake weighed 330 Kg and it measured 120 meters. To confection this cake of 120 meters it were necessary 600 eggs 100 Kg of flour, 80 Kg of dry fruits, 50 Kg of butter, 20 Kg of sugar, 5 Kg of scrapes of lemon, 2 Kg of leaven and 20 liters of beer. The cake took only 6 hours to be ready.


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