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Elodie Alex Fabrice Jonathan Myriam Laurie Eva.

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2 Elodie

3 Alex

4 Fabrice

5 Jonathan

6 Myriam

7 Laurie

8 Eva

9 Sandrine

10 Ludivine

11 Clément





16 30gr yeast. I kg flour; 4 eggs; 30cl milk; 250gr butter; 20gr salt; 100gr sugar; 50 gr candied fruit; 2 soupspoons orange flower flavour. Cooking time: 15 to 20, th 6 In a separate little bowl mix the yeast with some lukewarm milk. In a large bowl pour the flour and the eggs. Pour in the yeast and the rest of the milk. Add the melted butter, salt and sugar. Mix. Add orange flower flavour and candied fruit. Knead the dough and leave to rest for 2 hours at room temperature. Shape a ball on floured table then shape a crown joining both ends. Let it raise for an hour, the cook for 15 to 20 in the oven, until you get a golden pastry. Fouace is a flat loaf which is generally cooked in wood-ash and sometimes flavoured with olives and anchovies. By Loïck

17 Ingredients for 8 persons: 1 L milk; 6 eggs; 200 gr of caster sugar; 70gr of dry prunes; 30gr of raisins; 1 drop vanilla extract; 100gr stale bread. Put the slices of the stale bread, the dry prunes and the raisins in a basin. Prepare the custard with the eggs, sugar, vanilla and boiling milk. Pour it into the dish so that the bread dips. Cook in the oven in a Bain marie covered with foil. When it is cooked remove the dish, let the custard collapse. Put it back in the oven to obtain a smooth and caramelised surface. By Mathieu, the long-haired boy.

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