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This is the short version—20 slides including the cover.

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Seeking 56 models NOW Celebrity Twitter Causes Twitter Mob.

Seeking 56 models NOW Celebrity Twitter Causes Twitter Mob.

Terrorism in Context The Problem with Engineers…. inter alia To kiss or not to kiss is an inter-disciplinary inquiry. WHEN and HOW to kiss is the artsy.

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1 This is the short version—20 slides including the cover.
This version is now available at A longer version for engineers is at See also /BRAIN, /AMAZON, and /GNOME.

2 Terrorism in Context I must, with the utmost respect, point out that in the context of poverty, disease, genocide, and all the other effects of our corrupt mis-management of Earth, terrorism is a traffic accident. It is a result of information asymmetries and data pathologies at all levels. Terrorism is a boil, a pimple, on the body of Earth, a symptom of a disease that cannot be cured merely by lancing the boil.

3 A Short Story Infected Boil Magnified 1000X A man is driving a car with a boil on his arm, he refuses to stop the car, so his wife goes to lance it with a needle while he is driving. However, she does not have a needle, only a rifle, so she decides to shoot the boil off after having the man open the window (we want to avoid collateral damage). The pain surprises him and he drives the car off the road.  The car is destroyed, all of the passengers are injured, and the trip is interrupted at great expense. Who is to blame: the boil, the rifle, the wife, or the man? In this story, the man is government decision-makers, the boil is terrorism, the wife is all of us, and the rifle is our military, which does not do needles.

4 Terrorism in All Its Forms Information & Financial Asymmetries
I will not belabor the point, but will emphasize that my view of the world condemns governments, corporations, and many foundations for their organized terrorism against publics, whether intended or not. The Treaty of Westphalia was a crime against humanity. We need to fix that. See 1,400 Other Non-Fiction Reviews

5 The Reality Maersk gets it, government does not. Complexity & congestion easily disrupted Train wreck does not stop ships directly Terrorism is, at worst, a train wreck Government decisions—bad decisions-do Bad decisions cost billions and billions When I was first invited to this event, I had no idea that Maersk was a huge name in shipping. By sheer coincidence, I was sent a brilliant speech by Stephen Carmel of Maersk Line Limited, speaking to the Joint Warfare Conference in the USA in May. This is his quote. His speech, his words, his example. His wisdom suggests to me that a useful area of inquiry for the Laboratory is that of decision-support in relation to terrorism such that we avoid self-inflicted wounds that Mr. Carmel points out are vastly more costly to the global commerce grid than any terrorist attack. How we address the system of systems is what I emphasize. “The seaports were closed as a result of the decisions of government participants in the game making the sorts of decisions they would make in real life.  …it is inaccurate to say the bad guys did $58 B in damage to the US economy.    US response to a far smaller failed attack is what did the damage.” 

6 “Assume Fire, Cook the Frog” “Talking Frog: Way Cool”
The Problem with Engineers….inter alia Spiritualists: “Worship the Frog” Philosophers: “Question the Frog” Humanities: “Free the Frog” Scientists: “Dissect the Frog” Merchants: “Sell the Frog” Politicians: “Ignore the Frog” Lawyers: “Blame the Frog” With that introduction, validated by Maersk insights, I offer a few thoughts. The Frog is surrounded by boiling water made possible by the fragmentation of knowledge. Earth—including terrorism as a boil or a train wreck—is an Information problem, nothing more. Economists: “Assume Fire, Cook the Frog” Engineers: “Talking Frog: Way Cool” To kiss or not to kiss is an inter-disciplinary inquiry. WHEN and HOW to kiss is the artsy part.

7 POLITICS IS NOT INTELLIGENT Should Be, But Is Not, Synthesis
US political fragmentation incapacitates an otherwise great nation. When you combine this with over 150 failed states and 44 dictators (42 of them supported by the USA) you have a problem.

8 Conscious Evolution in Every Clime and Place
At the same time, our so-called intellectuals, and most especially our scientists, are so fragmented as to be both wasteful and mis-directed. The time has come to address this with holistic thinking using Cognitive Science to achieve Collective Intelligence. CE I2 x E2 = CN CS CI

Forbidden Knowledge Lost History Manufacturing Consent Missing Information Fog Facts Propaganda Rule by Secrecy Weapons of Mass Deception THE CURE Integrity Data pathologies and information asymmetries have over time completely distorted the political-legal, socio-economic, and ideo-cultural frames of reference within which humanity must manage its relationship to the scarce resources of the Earth, and among its various “tribes.”

10 Human Intelligence (HUMINT) does not achieve its full potential in isolation. Education, intelligence (properly defined as decision-support), and research must all be managed as a coherent holistic network that shares information and makes sense across all boundaries. Thus do we achieve both Organizational Intelligence and EARTH INTELLIGENCE.

11 Most governments and corporations are stuck in Quadrant I doing internal data mining. Non-Governmental Organizations and Foundations thrive in Quadrant II. Very few operate in Quadrant III, and none have achieved Quadrant IV, which is our mission—to aggregate and apply all human knowledge—past and present—to create a prosperous world at peace. Note the use of cell phones to connect individual observers to the “World Brain.”

12 Without a strategic analytic model, no human endeavor can orchestrate its time-energy resources to good effect. This model combines the ten high-level threats to humanity devised by the UN with the twelve core policies devised by the Earth Intelligence Network. It also respects the central role of the eight demographic players whose behavior will shape the future.

13 Thinking Holistically
Everything is connected. Why are we using water we don’t have to flush oil we don’t need or grow grain we cannot eat to fuel cars that should be running on natural gas or not running at all? “True Cost” Engineering demands Consilience—the full integration of the Humanities and the Sciences. Everything is Connected—Get a Grip!

14 A proper understanding of what is achievable with EARTH INTELLIGENCE allows for a much more beneficial strategy to be devised, one that begins with clarity, diversity, integrity and transparency, and ultimately produces a prosperous world at peace.

15 This is my very simple, very straight-forward notion of what an EARTH INTELLIGENCE information sharing and sense-making network should offer. Ultimately every individual is responsible for what they see, share, learn, and do, and in the aggregate, we can create conscious human evolution of benefit to all living things, to the Earth as a whole, and perhaps one day to the Cosmos.

16 All those with a need, however miniscule
Cluster of Food Need Over Time Cluster of Medical Needs Harmonized Giving Peer to peer giving Time-Phased Harmonized Giving All those with something to give Cluster of Clothing Need Organized Giving Time & Space Relations Wks, Mos, Yrs, Decades It is now possible, and especially so if key countries such as China, India, and Malaysia (and in my own mind, Iran and Turkey as well as Venezuela), to create a global online Range of Needs Table at the item or household level. One billion rich can empower five billion poor entrepreneurs one need at a time, so that we create infinite wealth and a good life for all. Powered by Zero Waste Mind-Sets, Enabled by Ubiquitous Information Access Benefit #1: On Demand Precision Giving Benefit #2: Elimination of Overhead Benefit #3: Harnesses Giving of Billion Individuals Who Do Not Give Now Peacekeeping Intelligence 21: Influence How OTHERS Spend Figure 14: Global Range of Gifts Table Illustrated

17 Figure 26: Intangible Mentals and Integrated True Costs Recovery Curve
This is based on the mining engineer’s cost recovery curve. For now, just note the definition of the two axis and the outcome that is sought. Knowing “true costs” changes everything. Earth, and the Cosmos, are engineering challenges second, information challenges first. Figure 26: Intangible Mentals and Integrated True Costs Recovery Curve

OLD: GIVE THEM FISH CURRENT: TEACH THEM Information Arbitrage: The process of converting information into intelligence, and intelligence into profit. Information costs money, intelligence makes money. FUTURE: ANCIENT WAYS, MODERN MEANS Concluding Observations & Recommendations Five billion poor are the center of gravity Indigenous knowledge & energy are the way Information arbitrage is the means Denmark can influence other people’s money Denmark can make UN & NATO “Smart” Denmark can save the North & restore the Earth I believe that foreign assistance must make the jump from providing grants to empowering in situ. Free cell phones, and call centers that answer questions (the best form of early warning) and educate the poor one cell call at a time, are the solution that interests me. The Global Range of Needs table, embedded within an EarthGame™ that reflects the “true cost” of everything, is how we influence other people’s money. In my view, the Danish government, and this university, have an opportunity, here and now, to create the World Brain Institute, and become the world’s leading practitioner of Information Arbitrage.

19 This is Buckminster Dymaxion Map, also known as the Fuller Projection
This is Buckminster Dymaxion Map, also known as the Fuller Projection. Denmark is positioned to be the capital of the North while helping Australia and New Zealand be the capital of the South. The Arc of Crisis is an OPPORTUNITY for multinational multifunctional information-sharing and sense-making that reduces violence and creates wealth.

20 These books, and others I have published, are all free online.
1 December 2009 1 January 2010 These books, and others I have published, are all free online. I believe in the community of man and the concept of heaven on Earth. Dictators are on the way out, people are on the way up, but in the middle are hundreds of governments that are failing for lack of both integrity and intelligence. I pray that Denmark, and this University, will decide to act on these ideas that I bring to you with the best of intentions, mindful of the future and the needs of future generations.

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