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Chapter 3 Vocabulary PowerPoint created by Anne Yeaw Comments by Marcie -- when there are multiple definitions, blue definitions match context in chapter.

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1 Chapter 3 Vocabulary PowerPoint created by Anne Yeaw Comments by Marcie -- when there are multiple definitions, blue definitions match context in chapter. Green definitions are also good to know.

2 access (n) Students must have a password to get ______ to the computers on campus. Definition: 1. a way of entering a place; 2. the opportunity or right to use something or see someone/something

3 capacity (n) Mike McGinn is a bike rider and, in his _______ as mayor of Seattle, has created bike lanes throughout the city. Definition: 1. the number of things or people that a container or space will hold; 2. the ability to understand or do something; 3. the official position or function that someone has.

4 character (n) The book gives us an insight into Mrs. Obamas _________. Definition: 1. all the qualities or features that make a person, place or group of people different from others; 2. admirable personal qualities; 3. an interesting or unusual quality about a person or place; 4. an interesting or unusual person. (not our chapter)

5 collateral (n) When you take out a mortgage to buy real estate, that land or building is always used as __________ for the loan. Definition: 1. property or something valuable that you promise to give to someone if you cannot pay back money you have borrowed from them.

6 common knowledge (n) It is _______ __________ that the name of our school is being changed. Definition: 1.something that everyone knows.

7 consumers (n) Health-conscious _________ want more information about the food they buy. Definition: 1. a person who buys goods or services.

8 economy (n) When a countrys _______ is growing, factories are producing more goods, and people are buying them. Definition: 1. the relationship between production, trade and the supply of money; 2. the use of time or money in a way that avoids waste.

9 eradication (n) The ___________ of several diseases is nearly complete due to the development of vaccines and the efforts of organizations concerned with world health. Definition: 1. the complete destruction or removal of something; especially something bad.

10 funds (n) The hospital is trying to raise _____ for new equipment. Definition: 1. an amount of money that has been saved for a particular purpose; 2. money.

11 grant (n) He has been awarded a research _____. Definition: 1. an amount of money that is given by the government or some other organization to be used for a particular purpose.

12 item (n) Can I pay for each ____ separately ? Definition: 1. one thing on a list of things to do, to buy or to talk about (not used as a list item in our chapter; 2. one article or object.

13 Literacy (n) ________ is extremely important in a democratic society since people must be able to read and write in order to vote. Definition: 1. the ability to read and write.

14 logic (n) Sometimes a student can use context to fill in a missing word, and other times he must use _________________. Definition: 1. a science that uses formal methods for thinking about or explaining something; 2.sensible reasons for doing something; 3. a way of thinking or explaining something.

15 Microlending (n) ____________ allows people in poor countries to borrow a small amount of money to buy a tool that will help them to earn a living. Definition: 1. the act of lending very small amounts of money.

16 poverty (n) Elderly people who do not have families to help them may live in _______. Definition: 1. the state of being poor; 2. a lack of something.

17 requirement (n) The successful completion of Grammar/Writing 3 is a ___________ for taking Grammar/Writing 4. Definition: 1. something that you need or want; 2. something that you must have to do something else.

18 consume (v) Automobiles _________ large amounts of fossil fuel. Definition: 1. to use something especially fuel, energy or time; 2. to eat or drink something; 3. to be filled with a strong feeling.

19 invest (v) The college is going to ______ $4 million in a new library. Definition: 1. to buy something (e.g. property) with the intention of making a profit; 2. to spend money to make something better or more successful; 3. to spend time, money or effort on something you think is good or useful.

20 target (v) Advertisers _________ consumers when they create commercials. Definition: 1. to aim an attack or criticism at somebody or something; 2. to try to have an effect on a particular group of people.

21 anonymous (adj) Someone made a very large donation to our organization, but we cant thank him or her because the person has chosen to remain __________. Definition: 1. written, given, made by someone who does not want their name to be known.

22 identical (adj) Twins do not always look _________. Definition: 1. the same.

23 social (adj) ________ problems include poverty and homelessness. Definition: 1. connected with society and the way it is organized or with your position in society; 2. connected with activities in which people get together for fun.

24 subsidiary (adj & n) Gmail is one _________ of Google. Google is the large company, and Gmail is one of its branches. Chrome is another _________branch of Google. Definition: 1.(adj) connected with a larger entity, usually a business that is owned by another business. 2. (adj) secondary 3. (N) a business that is owned by a larger business.

25 worthless (adj) Hes a great guy but, when it comes to doing the laundry, hes _________. He can never remember to separate whites from colors. Definition: 1. something of no practical or financial value; 2. having no good qualities or useful skills.

26 Peer pressure ____ ________ has a negative connotation, so it is usually used to describe the attempt by friends to convince you to do something that is not in your best interest. Definition: 1. attempts by your friends (peers) to force or convince (pressure) you to do something.

27 take the initiative I was so proud of my son when he ____ ___ ________ and submitted college applications on his own. Definition: 1. deciding and acting on your own without waiting for someone to tell you what to do.

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