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1 State of play Robert Lowson EEA Kopernikus coordinator, GMES Bureau.

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1 1 State of play Robert Lowson EEA Kopernikus coordinator, GMES Bureau

2 2 architecture architecture Space Infrastructure In Situ Infrastructure CORE SERVICES DOWNSTREAM SERVICES Farming ICZM Users Air quality Security Emergency Atmosphere Marine Land Added Value Chain

3 3 Existing space missions Non-space data uncoordinated Dedicated Missions Research funding and management FP5/6, GSE Provider-driven unsustainable services ESA coordination EEA Coordination Limited pre- operational funding FP7 preoperational Lille demonstrators Dedicated funding and management 1998-2008 2008 - 2012 2013 Sustainable user-driven services Sustainable in-situ data procurement Evolution Evolution

4 4 Commission Intentions Communication November? EU programme proposal in 2009 Develop finance proposals for 2009 Tighter governance, including interim, consolidating user drive Roles for EU Agencies; EEA to Coordinate in-situ Contribute to service management Consolidate user needs

5 5 An opportunity to be grasped Big potential, good fit, massive resources, but the right conditions still need to be established

6 6 Environmental focus of services Three Service areas based on Earth systems: Land Monitoring: initially European land cover & urban spots Marine Monitoring: sea state & ecosystem characteristics over global ocean & European regional seas Atmospheric Monitoring: atmospheric composition for air quality (European) and climate forcing (global), ozone monitoring (global) and solar energies Further, horizontal components: Emergency Response Security Climate Change

7 7 Big resources – EU and ESA Current FP6 - €107m ESA GSE - €110m ESA space component (segment 1) - €757m FP7 - envisaged €1.2 billion (space programme – other relevant activity elsewhere) Proposed ESA GSE follow up - envisaged €27.5m ESA space component (segment 2) – about €1 billion Aspiration (Verheugen, September 2008) “GMES should be seen as a public good….it is essential that before the end of 2009 an overall financing strategy is established”

8 8 The right conditions - Demonstrable value to users – particularly public authorities Stronger engagement by public authorities; continuous user/provider dialogue Readiness to explore uses of Kopernikus products for public policy Tighter governance and management to guarantee user drive Strong business cases, demonstrating vfm

9 9 The right conditions – issues to be tackled include……. Free and open access to products and data Integration of space and in-situ components (including improvements to in-situ infrastructure) Effective engagement of EU Agencies, especially EEA Long-term EU funding framework International angle

10 10 EEA/SEIS implications Internal coordination in member states Stronger engagement of mandated bodies Explore how Kopernikus can support m/s obligations, including international Explore resource impacts – positive and negative Develop integration of i/s data Key instruments SEIS implementation plan FP7 action; Promoting networks Meeting thematic project needs for i/s data Developing blueprint for EEA’s long-term role

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