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SURA/ViDe 5th Annual Digital Video Workshop GCATT Atlanta, Georgia March 26, 2003 The ViDe Guide to Streaming Media.

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1 SURA/ViDe 5th Annual Digital Video Workshop GCATT Atlanta, Georgia March 26, 2003 The ViDe Guide to Streaming Media

2 Presentation Outline Cookbook Overview Creating Digital Assets Building an Infrastructure Managing Digital Repositories Authentication and Authorization Accessibility Issues Emerging Technologies

3 Streaming Media Working Group Established in April 2002 38 Individual Members Representing 18 Universities & Consortia Including 7 SURA Schools And 2 International Members 12 Member Editorial Board

4 Streaming Media Cookbook Mission: To help educational institutions plan and promote streaming media services on their campuses

5 Snapshot of Current Services Statistical Sample of US Universities Comprehensive Survey of I2 Schools Comparison with International Practice

6 Scope of the Cookbook Media-on-Demand and Live Streaming Audio, Video and Mixed Media Proprietary and Standard Formats Technical Issues and Policy Issues

7 Cookbook Format Tutorials Best Practices Case Studies Evaluation Guidelines Whitepapers Reference Tools

8 Applications and Scenarios Electronic Reserves Distance Education Digital Libraries Videoconference Archives Public Relations and Special Events

9 It Takes a Village: Identifying Strategic Partners Video Production Units IT Infrastructure/Networking Services Continuing Education Libraries Instructional Training Legal Affairs Public Relations Help Desk

10 Planning for the Future Developing a Viable Business Plan Integrating Disparate Roles and Functions Securing Institutional Commitment Making Ends Meet Taming the Wild Vendor Anticipating the Unknowable

11 Creating Content: Pre-Production Validate Project Concepts Make a Plan Purchase Equipment and Hire Personnel

12 Creating Content: Production Mid-Production Planning and Coordination Lighting Audio Video Locations –Office vs Classroom vs Studio Wardrobe Personnel

13 Creating Content: Post-Production Video/Audio Capture External Capture –Composite –USB –Firewire/iLink/IEEE1394 Cabling Editing

14 Creating Content: Hardware/Software/Personnel Support/Assistance Infrastructure Encoding CODEC Application Default CODECs Analysis/Understanding

15 Creating Content: Hardware/Software/Personnel Files Types –Real –Quicktime –Microsoft Media Formats –MPEG1 –MPEG2 –MPEG4 –MP3 –Others

16 Creating Content: Support Issues VOD (Video on Demand –Hardware –Software –Personnel Live Webcasts –Hardware –Software –Personnel

17 Building the Infrastructure Streaming Servers Types of Streaming Servers –RTSP –HTTP –Others

18 Building the Infrastructure Streaming Servers Vendors –Real –Microsoft –Apple –IBM –Cisco –Macromedia –Others

19 Building the Infrastructure Network Infrastructure Bandwidth Requirements Issues on the LAN –Wireless –Ethernet Configurations

20 Building the Infrastructure Network Infrastructure Reaching Clients Outside your LAN –Firewalls –Modems –DSL/Cable Modems –VPNs –Proxies –Caching Servers –Content Distribution Networks (CDN)

21 Building the Infrastructure Network Infrastructure Multicast Issues Streaming to Handhelds Satellite Usage –Content Origination (uplink) –Satellite Downlink

22 Building the Infrastructure Storage Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Network Attached Storage (NAS) Storage Area Networks (SAN) Mixing Storage Architectures Determing Needs & Product Evaluation Emerging Storage Technologies

23 Building the Infrastructure Origination of Live Content Where to Place Live Encoders Network Issues Monitoring Automation/Scheduling Remote Control

24 Building the Infrastructure Transcoding Issues –Quality of Source Material –Lossy vs. Lossless Compression –General Methods for Transcoding Products –FlipFactory –Cleaner –Anystream –ProCoder Automation

25 Managing Digital Repositories Leveraging Existing Systems What is already in place? –E-Reserves Systems –Course Management Systems –Authentication Systems –Digital Library/Content Mgmt Systems –Local Metadata/Content Standard

26 Managing Digital Repositories Functional Requirements Ingest Functions Data Management/Metadata Mgmt Archival Storage Procedures Preservation Planning Access Strategies – Deep or Shallow

27 Managing Digital Repositories ADMINISTRATION PRESERVATION PLANNING Data & MetaData Mgmt. Archival Storage Ingest Access AIP descriptive info descriptive info AIP OAIS MODEL CONSUMERCONSUMER PRODUCERPRODUCER Training Discovery Infrastructure Training Discovery Infrastructure

28 Managing Digital Repositories Central vs Distributed Why not Both? Should your next system – be separate or an aggregate? Building relationships for the future Face to Face meetings with video counterparts Workflow Issues – Who does What?

29 Authentication and Authorization Security Basics Securing the Server Securing the Network Securing the Data on the Network Authentication Authorization

30 Authentication and Authorization Streaming Video Security Authentication –User Name/Password –Credentials –Proprietary Solutions Authorization –User Name/Password –LDAP –Credentials –Proprietary Solutions –Digital Rights Management

31 Authentication and Authorization Digital Rights Management (DRM) DRM Defined DRM in Streaming Video

32 Authentication and Authorization Shibboleth Authenticate Locally, Access Globally

33 Accessibility Issues Section 508 Requirements Requires that content dependent upon auditory or visual communication be accessible through alternative means Tools & Guidelines at:

34 Accessibility Issues Pragmatic Considerations Who is your audience, and what accessibility options are necessary to ensure effective communications? Web Design considerations critical Customize with aid of Office for Students w/Disabilities

35 Accessibility Issues Captioning Resources Captions preferred in separate window rather than superimposed over video Real and QuickTime Supported by.smil format – WinMedia supported by.sami format url=/library/en- us/dnacc/html/atg_samiarticle.asp

36 Accessibility Issues Captioning Tools FREE SOFTWARE: Magpie COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE: CPC

37 Accessibility Issues Visual Impairment Caption all graphics Separate Descriptive tracks More likely to be hardware dependent –Braille readers Text-to-Speech engines

38 Contact Us……..

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