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The Circulatory System.

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1 The Circulatory System

2 OB14, OB15 Understand the structure and function of the heart, identify the four chambers of the heart, and explain the difference between the left and right ventricles Describe the passage of blood through the heart and lungs via arteries and veins, identify the pulmonary artery and vein, aorta and vena cava, and distinguish between arteries, veins and capillaries

3 There are THREE types of blood vessels ARTERIES carry blood away from the heart Thick, muscular, stretchy wall narrow central tube

4 VEINS carry blood towards the heart thin walls with little muscle wide central tube have valves

5 CAPILLARIES carry blood between arteries and veins wall only one cell thick very narrow central tube

6 Thick muscular walls Divided into 4 chambers Right side pumps blood to lungs Left side pumps oxygenated blood from the lungs to ALL parts of body

7 The heart is divided into FOUR chambers Right Ventricle Right Atrium Left Atrium Left Ventricle

8 The heart has four major blood vessels VENA CAVA PULMONARY VEIN AORTA PULMONARY VEIN VENA CAVA


10 Red blood cell collects OXYGEN in the lungs 2 The oxygenated cell travels along the pulmonary vein to the LEFT ATRIUM

11 Oxygenated blood carried to ALL parts of body via the AORTA

12 Deoxygenated blood carried back from all parts of body via the VENA CAVA

13 Deoxygenated blood sent back to the lungs for oxygen via the PULMONARY ARTERY

14 Inside every cell oxygen is used in RESPIRATION to produce WATER + CARBON DIOXIDE +

15 Draw a flow chart Show the route of a red blood cell 1. Starting at lungs and moving via heart to arm 2. Leaving the arm and returning back to the lungs 3. Labelled oxygenated blood cells (red), deoygenated blood cells (blue), the heart, lungs, arteries and veins

16 HEART LUNGS VEIN carrying deoxygenated blood back to heart ARTERY carrying oxygenated blood to leg Circulatory system Artery – red Vein - blue

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