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Supporting schools in Greater Manchester – the strategy, the story and the impact! Janet Woods –National College Lead Professional Associate, and DfE Adviser.

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1 Supporting schools in Greater Manchester – the strategy, the story and the impact! Janet Woods –National College Lead Professional Associate, and DfE Adviser

2 2 Greater Manchester key outputs…. To reduce the number of underperforming schools To close the attainment gap; To increase the number of outstanding schools in the region;

3 3 White Paper policy drivers…….. Reduce the number of underperforming schools as now redefined; To close the gap; To give more autonomy to the system, and particularly to good and outstanding schools through Academy conversion; Spot the difference……….!

4 4 What was the task……that we created! To develop a quality assured infrastructure for School Improvement, from which Lead Advisers could commission for underperforming schools; To develop this through a regional knowledge of the key factors facing these schools, and also from where the appropriate support could be commissioned This then being offered on a purchase basis by all schools;

5 5 What was the approach – how did we do it? We worked closely with GM NLE and LLEs collectively to develop solutions from within the system - none of it being rocket science!!

6 6 Shifting the culture in the region…..from the outset – setting out our key drivers together GM HTs signed up to take a collective responsibility for improving the outcomes for children and young people across the region; An agreement that rather than a problem, or a challenge resting with the individual school or LA – a commitment to sharing the problem and collectively finding the solution… and mustering help and support. A commitment to develop a culture of HTs feeling okay to ask for help, without that feeling of being judged.

7 7 Agreement that this was not about gathering badges, but doing the work on the basis of a shared moral imperative. Developing from the outset an approach that was sustainable post Challenge – and not dependent on additional funding. Schools in the future, being purchasers of services from other schools; Developing a Greater Manchester value for money offer that can be commissioned by schools from schools,by DfE Advisers, and by LAs;

8 8 Key aspects of the work ……and impact. Schools supporting others in partnership-on the basis of an extensive knowledge base of the school requiring support, and also of the one identified to give the support - including schools from diverse contexts and across phases and sectors AGGS and Plant Hill Birchfields and Yesoiday Ha Torah Westleigh and Buile Hill Hawthorns and Our Ladys

9 9 School to school support at all levels of leadership; Middle and senior leaders of Education-now SLEs in the White Paper And including School Business manager champions

10 10 Developing a cadre of Teaching Schools as part of the national pilot; Developing a cadre of Facilitation schools delivering the Teaching and Learning programmes across Greater Manchester – and potentially beyond Improving Teacher programme; Outstanding Teacher programme; Immersion programme for middle leaders

11 11 Greater Manchester Leadership Strategy - Innovative approaches to school to school support…….. NLEs and LLEs working with a group of schools with a shared key focus eg to address writing issues at KS2; Families of Schools – primary and secondary cross border networking, mutual support and sharing

12 12 A cross phase/ cross sector group of NLEs/LLEs developed a programme to upskill secondary staff to address low levels of literacy at KS3; Stepping Up – primary supported self review, NLE and LLE led, alongside the school Aspect Diagnostics -reviews into departments/aspects of work, to analyse and advise on areas for improvement;

13 13 NLE/LLEs reviewing SEN/inclusion in cross phase/sector schools, and advising on improvement; Improving the quality of provision for our most vulnerable children in PRU/EBD provision – NLEs and LLEs as lead as experts in the field.

14 14 Impact on outcomes for GM children and young people….. In 2009/10: Primary schools supported by NLEs and LLEs in GM improved 7 times the national average Secondary schools supported by NLEs and LLEs in GM improved at twice the national average Schools delivering support retained their high standards and continue to improve.

15 15 Spreading the footprint through hub development…… Special Schools developing regional hubs to deliver training and support for support staff across the region. EAL hubs developed, offering outreach, in reach and support for schools in the region. Maths and English and E Bacc Hub development Behaviour and Attendance Hubs Every Child Achieves Hubs

16 16 Potential to support all Schools onward…… Teaching and Learning Programmes; Bespoke Leadership Development delivered by schools; Bespoke programmes commissioned through Teaching Schools eg non specialists in maths National and Local Leaders of Education training and school to school support; Specialist Leaders of Education;

17 KEY Primary LLEs Primary NLEs Secondary LLEs Secondary NLEs Primary Facilitation Schools (FS) Secondary Facilitation Schools (FS) Primary Pilot Teaching Schools (incs FS) Secondary Pilot Teaching Schools (incs FS) Primary SLEs Secondary SLEs Greater Manchester Designation Map

18 18 To translate this…. In GM we have… 163 NLEs and LLEs, who work as a collegiate group; 104 Specialist leaders, identified and developed on the basis of regional need; 25 NLEs/LLEs, elected by the whole group, who act as the operational leads for the GMLS The 10 GM LAs have set up of a joint Strategic Board- a regional delivery arm for school improvement, building round locally driven school provider structures;

19 19 GM Strategic Board Outstanding Headteachers Local Authorities National College All as equal partners…….. DfE

20 20 The Legacy…… DfE been involved in the region through the whole process – partnership working and relationships have been key; The White Paper reflects work in Challenge areas, and aspects where impact has been greatest; DfE with National College are considering how a similar type of approach may be taken onward…… building an infrastructure

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