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A New Challenge? HIV and AIDS as a development issue.

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1 A New Challenge? HIV and AIDS as a development issue.

2 AIDS  AIDS – Acquired immune deficiency syndrome: a weakening of the immune system by the human immunideficiency virus HIV.  The sufferer looses the ability to fight infection and may fall victim to illnesses such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and tumours.






8 South Africa  1990< 1% adult HIV infection risen to 25% by 2000.  Deaths amongst people 15 years of age and older increased by 62% from 1997 to 2002.

9 Aids and Development in Sub- Saharan Africa  Sub Saharan Africa has just over 10% of the world’s population.  But more than 60% of all people living with HIV (25.8 Million) live there.  In 2005, an estimated 3.2 million people in the region became newly infected while, 2.4 million adults and children died of AIDS.

10 Why is Africa hit so badly??  Governments were slow to respond.  Cultural values.  Inoculation campaigns……untrained workers may not understand the importance of clean needles etc.  Exacerbated by poverty, illiteracy, weak education and public health systems and low social status of women.

11 Changes to population structure  Dramatic change around 10-15 years after people become sexually active.  Typically half become infected before they turn 24, acquiring AIDS and dying before 35. These are the people that should be making the greatest contribution to the economy.

12 New life expectancy’s  ZIMBABWE…..Man who was 15 in 1983 had a 15% chance of dying before the age of 50.  Now he has a 50% chance.

13 Development impacts…  EDUCATION - 15 million children in SS Africa have been orphaned due to AIDS. The chances of orphans going to school is halfed.  Children are needed to stay at home and look after sick parents or go and make money.  Declining number of teachers.

14 HEALTH  New drugs are very expensive.  Drugs do not reach the mass population.  If money is spent on drugs for AIDS, other drugs are not being bought.  Impact whole society…  Increasing deaths amongst doctors and nurses not enough time to retrain…

15 AGRICULTURE  Important to large number of people – subsistence.  May not be able to sell crops at market.  By exacerbating poverty it makes populations more vulnerable to spreadof HIV.  Vicious circle.

16 Business and Foreign Investment  Stigma and discrimination can threaten any foreign investment in the country.  Deters tourism.  Loosing workers and work through sick days.

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