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Energy Flow Chapter 25, Section 3.

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1 Energy Flow Chapter 25, Section 3

2 Converting Energy Matter All living things are made of matter.
Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. Matter is recycled through an environment. Energy is required for matter to be recycled.

3 Converting Energy Energy All living things need energy.
Energy is not recycled but is instead converted from form to form as it travels through an ecosystem.

4 Converting Energy Photosyn-thesis
Process that converts light energy into chemical energy stored in sugar molecules. Producers use the energy to build carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Carbon dioxide + water + sunlight = sugar + oxygen

5 Converting Energy Chemo- synthesis
Process that converts chemical energy (such as the energy found in sulfur molecules) into energy rich food molecules. Example: Bacteria near hydrothermal vents.

6 Energy Transfer Food Chains
A simple model showing how energy/matter are transferred from one organism to another. Producers are always the first step in a food chain. Herbivores are always the second step in food chain. Carnivores/omnivores make up the higher steps of the food chain.

7 Energy Transfer Food Webs
A model that shows all the possible feeding relationships among the organisms in a community. Made up of many different food chains.

8 Energy Pyramids Energy Pyramid
Model that shows the amount of energy available at each feeding level in an ecosystem. The first feeding level is the bottom layer and represents the producers. The number of organisms and the amount of energy decreases as you move up the pyramid. Why?


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