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Lesson 56 Joe’s Dilemma.

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1 Lesson 56 Joe’s Dilemma





6 Play Video “How do your Genes fit?

7 1. What are the signs that suggest a person may have the Marfan syndrome?
The typical signs are a long, narrow face; tall, slender stature; long arms, legs, fingers, and toes relative to overall height; double-jointedness or loose joints; nearsightedness; and curvature of the spine. 2. What causes the Marfan syndrome? The Marfan syndrome is caused by one altered gene. 3. Can you “catch” the Marfan syndrome from another person, the way you can catch the flu? Explain. No, you cannot catch the Marfan syndrome from another person. You can catch only infectious diseases, which are caused by microbes (viruses, bacteria, and small organisms). The Marfan syndrome is an inherited disease that is passed on in a gene from a parent to his or her child.

8 4. What effect can the Marfan syndrome have on a person’s life?
Having the Marfan syndrome usually means that a person must avoid certain kinds of physical activity, such as contact sports, and avoid overexertion. The person probably will have more doctor’s appointments than usual, especially to monitor the eyes and heart, and may be anxious about health issues.


10 List 1: Hair dyed blonde, suntan, blue eyes
due to contacts, and long hair are all traits that are environmental, while a PTC taster is genetically determined. List 2: A cold, mononucleosis, athlete’s foot, and chicken pox are all infectious diseases. List 3: A person’s arm span, height, skin color, and susceptibility to disease are both environmentally and genetically determined.

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