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Alena Latysheva Biography Project.

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1 Alena Latysheva Biography Project

2 Taylor Swift By Alena

3 Taylor Swift Born on December 13, 1989 in Reading , Pennsylvania.
She is best recognized for being a well known country/pop singer. She is also an actress , musician , and she is a music recorder , too. She was raised on a Christmas tree farm by her 2 parents. She won a national poetry contest 4th grade.

4 Accomplishments She was the youngest staff ever hired by Sony/ATV Tree Publishing House, at age 14. She has written a lot of albums and songs that topped the charts like the song, Tim McGraw. She was also named Artist of the year by Billboard Magazine. Her Fearless album won her 4 Grammys at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

5 Challenges She was bullied in high school and had to be home schooled.
When she first started writing songs and was looking for a record deal , she was rejected by a lot of by every recording company THEY MADE A BIG MISTAKE!

6 Interesting Facts Her favorite foods are brownies, cucumbers, and pumpkin bread. She failed her driver’s test 3 times. If she had not become a singer , she would have become a forensic scientist.

7 Bibliography Taylor Swift.Feb.14,2012.Wikipedia.Feb.14, _ Swift. 5 Fun Facts About Taylor Swift. Hollywire.Feb.14,2012.

8 ALL ABOUT ME I was born in Russia on August 7,1998.
I moved here at age 6 in the year 2005. My favorite subject is math and my worst is reading. I love animals and writing music. I have been writing songs since I was 8 and have written 35 songs since then. I love being outside and enjoying nature.

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