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T AYLOR S WIFT Biography, Composition History and Listening guide.

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1 T AYLOR S WIFT Biography, Composition History and Listening guide

2 T AYLOR S WIFT B IOGRAPHY Born December 13,1989 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania Got desire to sing from her opera singing grandmother In 4 th Grade entered a poetry contest with a poem called “Monster in My Closet” won at a national level

3 T AYLOR SWIFT B IO Began performing in public at 10 years old. At 16 recorded first song “Tim McGraw.” which became a top 10 hit on the music list in 2006.

4 S WIFT ’ S A WARDS. CMT Music Awards Breakthrough Video of the Year for “Tim McGraw” American Music Awards Favorite Female Country Artist Country Music Association awards Horizon award Academy of Country Music awards top new female vocalist Most recently the Grammy awards best new artist

5 C AMPAIGNS /P ROMOTIONS To protect children from online predators and sex crime. Promoted ads for various magazines


7 S OME OF T AYLOR S WIFT ’ S M USIC Our song You Belong With Me Love Story The Story Of Us

8 O UR S ONG Written in 2004 for a ninth grade talent show #1 Country song in 2006 #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 Third single to be released Almost broke a record for the longest played song on the radio

9 Y OU B ELONG W ITH M E In 2009 it was released with the Album titled “Fearless.” Wrote when she overheard and friend of hers arguing with his girlfriend on the phone. Became the #2 Pop song #1 country song

10 L OVE S TORY Second Album lead single. Wrote this song is about a love that had to be hidden. Something Taylor was dealing with in her life. 2009 it hit the adult contemporary chart which broke Shania Twain’s Long-standing record from 1998.

11 T HE S TORY O F U S Released 2010 on the Album titled “Speak Now” Rumors say song was about Taylor Lautner but Taylor Swift wouldn’t say for sure. Song is currently as of July 2010 still a hit on the radio

12 L ISTENING G UIDE Taylor Swifts Music

13 O UR S ONG 0:00 – Introduction 0:12 –Verse one Begins 0:35 – Chorus begins 1:08 – Verse Two begins 1:30 – Chorus begins again 1:56 – Instrumental Section 2:08 – Bridge 2:21 – Chorus 2:50 – Chorus/Add-on 3:04 – Verse/Bridge 3:19 – End

14 Y OU B ELONG W ITH M E 0:00 – Introduction 0:08 – Verse One 0:52 – Chorus 1:11 – Verse Two 1:55 – Chorus 2:24 – Instrumental Break 2:37 – Bridge 2:56 – Chorus 2:26 – Chorus add on 3:43 – Song ends

15 L OVE S TORY 0:00 – Introduction 0:17 – Verse One 1:05 – Chorus 1:25 – Verse Two 1:57 – Chorus 2:13 – Chorus add on 2:29 – instrumental with little vocal 2:45 – Bridge 3:01 – Beginning part of chorus 3:17 – Chorus word change 3:46 – End

16 T HE S TORY O F U S 0:00 – Introduction 0:18 – Verse One 0:59 – Chorus 1:34 – Verse Two 2:15 – Chorus 2:40 – Instrumental Section 2:55 – Verse Three/ Bridge 3:29 – Chorus 3:53 – Chorus add on 4:01 – Section of chorus 4:23 – End

17 W ORKS C ITED Taylor Swift Biography Citation "Taylor Swift." 2011. 6 Jun 2011, 11:39 Swift-369608 Swift-369608 “Taylor Swift” 2008,, Jan 2008, “Taylor Swift Biography” Date unspecified,,,3124,GAC_29996_4736016_01,00.html,3124,GAC_29996_4736016_01,00.html Taylor Swifts Composition History Citation Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs, AOL music staff, 2011, swift-songs/ swift-songs/ Top 10 Taylor Swift songs, Taylor Swifts Best Hits, Bill Lamb, Guide, (unknown date posted) a Song facts: Our Song, Taylor Swift, 2007,, Song facts: You Belong With Me, Taylor Swift, 2008 Song facts: Love story, Taylor Swift, 2008, Song facts: The Story of Us, Taylor Swift, 2010, Listening Guide Citation

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