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Wise Blood By: Tony Wilson 3 rd period-Ms. Whisnant.

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1 Wise Blood By: Tony Wilson 3 rd period-Ms. Whisnant

2 About the Author The author of Wise Blood is Flannery OConnor. Her dad is Edward F. O'Connor. Her mom is Regina Cline OConnor. She was born on March 25 th, 1925. She died on August 3 rd, 1964.

3 Themes There are two different themes in this novel. One of the themes that is in this novel is God.The other theme that is in this novel is religion. The main point in this novel is Christs redemption for humanity.

4 Characters Hazel Motes is the main character in the novel and he preaches a church without Christ. Enoch Emery is a boy that tags along with Hazel in the novel and tries to be Hazels friend. Asa Hawks is a blind preacher that tries to convert Hazel of his religion Free Church of Christ Sabbath Lily Hawks is Asa Hawks daughter that eventually becomes Hazels girlfriend.

5 Characters Continued Onnie Jay Holy (Hoover Shoats) is a person that tries to team up with Hazel to make money off of the preaching. Solace Layfield is Onnie Jay Holys prophet who eventually gets ran over and killed by Hazel. Mrs. Flood. Is Hazel Motes land lady who takes care of him later in the novel because Hazel was found in a ditch.

6 Plot After Hazel returns from the army he returns to his hometown in Eastrod. Then he travels to a town by the name of Taulkinham, Tennessee. Here is where he starts preaching his church without Christ.

7 Quick Overview Hazel Motes is a man that rejects Jesus. And a man by the name of Asa Hawks is a preacher that is trying to convert him to believe that Jesus is real. Onnie Jay Holy tries to team up with Hazel to make money while he is preaching, but Hazel rejects him and kills Onnie Jay Holys prophet Solace Layfield. Hazel then hurts himself and has to be taken care for by a land lady. And at the end of the book……..well…….you read the book.

8 Publishing The publisher of Wise Blood is : Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The novel Wise Blood was released in 1952. The book comes in hardback and paperback.

9 Critics Thoughts Some critics say that this book was wrote out in great southern literature. A man by the name of John Houston loved the book so much that he made a movie about it. One critic said that this novel was written grotesques. And that she tied in the religion very well.

10 My Thoughts Personally I didnt like the book at all. I would only recommend this book to somebody that will read this book and not care about the religious parts that this books contains. This book though did have some comedy in it.

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