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Paul Bouzide Satisfying Navigation-To-Thing and Context-Focused Around Me Use Cases.

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1 Paul Bouzide Satisfying Navigation-To-Thing and Context-Focused Around Me Use Cases

2 Context and detail precedent: vehicle navigation use case A familiar problem of appropriate context in vehicle navigation What should be suppressed? What should be emphasized?

3 Some 3D solutions for vehicle navigation 3 Note inclusion of non-motorway and non-ramp road elements in scene. Note inclusion of terrain, bridge guards and support columns in scene. Note removal of irrelevant signage from scene.

4 Context driven detail: pedestrian-indoor-transit navigation Ever more critical for these higher feature and geometry volumes Even at pedestrian velocities and cognitive attention profiles Byte sized content right sized for each users individual context In what situations? For which kinds of users? Key context information: Location/heading Navigation Intent What should be enhanced? What should be suppressed? Where in the service chain?

5 But maximum LOD depends on the device and the network 5 Fully apart from the question of detail enhancement or suppression… Byte sized content… End user context also includes Device capabilities Network performance and cost

6 Geospatial features and properties arent static Everything changes… Walls and fixtures Color schemes/decor Local addressing schemes Signage Space occupancy … Any change can matter crucially to the contextual behavior of the app to maintaining believability, realism Most changed features or properties exist in relation to others can depend on prior changes for consistency 6 Approaches: Partition replacement Feature property updates Geo/topo update transactions

7 Low change latency & contextual detail app service chain Mobile Network Mobile Device Applicatio n (Client) Mobile Device Applicatio n (Server) Geospatial Content Transformation/ Aggregation Geospatial Content Creator Geospatial Content Creator Geospatial Content Creator Geospatial Content Creator Content Delivery Network Location, camera other user & device context Processed context, feature & scene requests/subscriptions Usage analytics, user observations, Mobile Device Applicatio n (Client) Mobile Device Applicatio n (Client) Mobile Device Applicatio n (Client) Mobile Device Applicatio n (Client) Data APIs Pub/Sub App APIs Streaming … Right sized contextualized scenes, styled vector features Context categorized located scenes & features Differentiated & componentized new/updated vector feature sets … Sensor Observations Vector feature model creation from observations Context-aware customization, filtering, styling and rendering Context-aware service integration, interactive visualization, selection Model transformation for contextual assembly, styling, rendering

8 What locations have a content creation business case? Build out locations that have High foot traffic density Time-criticality of an effective navigation Ux Generators of economic activity Some good candidates Multimodal transit hubs -Airports, rail/transit stations, … Retail clusters -Big box + satellites, malls, urban retail zones Tourism, mass entertainment, mass business -Museums, stadiums, theaters Businesses and Academia -Convention centers, office complexes, university campuses, … Emergency related -Hospitals, Zones of security monitoring/enforcement 8 Varying LODs across geographies: How does this affect navigability? What are the key differences between these location types

9 What contributes to this content creation business case? Partnering with existing mobile device/application ecosystems Application geospatial fuel Federate collection and maintenance with pluggable aggregation Building complex developers/management Governments, transit authorities Building architects/contractors Adjuncts to road vehicle navigation (integrated walk, ride, drive) Leverage and integrate with vehicle-bound applications and content Also taxi, bus, logistics fleets Integrate usage analytics for lower content maintenance cost Alternatives to supply-based advertising for end user desire fulfillment And of course location+context based advertising doesnt go away… 9

10 10 Technology Enablers: APIs and interoperable standards Relevant standards: WMS, WFS, GML, KML Eventing WPS W3DS, WVS, X3D SVG, PNG, JPG, JPG2K

11 Other key technology enablers 11 Critical needs: Effective indoor positioning Interoperable micro location referencing Interoperable pluggable space topologies Indoor micro-positioning Low tens of cm Radio (WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC) Image recognition IoT massive triangulation Pluggable Spaces Recursively subdivided spaces Homogeneity of LOD within a spaces Stable location identity at integration points Change-based feature publication Low latency observation to end user Pub/sub SDI eventing Parallel processing architectures Observation processing, data transformation, styling/rendering

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