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George Percivall, OGC and Ingo Simonis, OGC-E

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1   Geo-Processing in Cyberinfrastructure: Making the Web and easy to use geospatial computing platform
George Percivall, OGC and Ingo Simonis, OGC-E Lionel Menard, MINES ParisTech Lan-Kun Chung, Feng Chia University Stefano Nativi, IMAA-CNR Jay Pearlman, IEEE © 2011 Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.

2 Making the web and easy to use geospatial computing platform
Access to geodata on the web has become routine Using OGC standards based on IETF and W3C Geoprocessing services on the web next Processing to apply or fuse data to meet specific applications. OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) standard. WPS profiles for classes of algorithms Brings geoprocessing to the cyberinfrastructure. Examples of WPS from GEOSS © 2011 Open Geospatial Consortium

3 OGC Web Standards for Access and Encoding
Access Services Simple Features - SQL Web Feature Service (WFS) Web Coverage Service (WCS) Sensor Observation Service (SOS) Table Join Service (TJS) Web Map Tiling Service Web Map Service (WMS) Encodings Geography Markup Language (GML) GML Simple Features GML in JPEG 2000 CityGML Filter Encoding (FE) Symbology Encoding (SE) Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) Web Map Context (WMC) KML Observations & Measurements (O&M) Sensor Model Language (SensorML) SWE Common NetCDF Copyright © 2011, Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.

4 OGC Web Processing Service (WPS)
WPS-client Communication over the web using HTTP GetCapabilities WPS DescribeProcess Execute Algorithms Repository Data Handler Repository Algorithm 1 Data Handler A Web Processing Service

5 “Chaining” Web Services for decision support
Geoprocessing worklow developed in OGC testbeds since 2004 Assess Wildfire Activity Service chaining creates value-added products OGC Interfaces Decision Support Client Internet WCS WPS - WCTS WPS – Classification WFS Web-based geospatial service chaining and decision support. How do we reliably and repeatedly combine results from several distributed services on the web to produce a result for a user? Service chaining is the term commonly used for the process of organizing disparate web based services into an orderly process. For instance, a raw image is sent to a service that performs a coordinate transformation. This services sends the transformed image to a classifier service that processes the image to highlight areas of active fire. The result of this service is sent to a user’s client along with other geospatial data such as vegetation overlays, transportation. Service chaining will play an important role in future capabilities. Web servers

6 Registered Community Resources
GEOSS Engineering Components GEOSS Clearinghouses GEO Web Portals GEOSS Common Infrastructure Components & Services Standards and Interoperability Best Practices Wiki User Requirements Registries Main GEO Web Site Registered Community Resources Community Portals Client Applications Client Tier Mediation Tier Catalogues Alert Servers Workflow Management Processing Access Tier GEONETCast Product Access Sensor Web Model Access Test Facility Mediation CSW WMS W*S WFS SOS SAS SPS WPS CSW WMS CSW

7 EuroGEOSS in GEOSS AIP – Habitat calculation with WPS
Contact: Stefano Nativi

8 Mine Paris Tech in GEOSS AIP – Solar Energy WPS
Contact: Lionel Menard

9 GIS FCU use of WPS for Emergency Routing
Route updated as flood expands and blocks roads Contact: Lan-Kun Chung

10 © 2011 Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.
  Geo-Processing in Cyberinfrastructure: Making the web and easy to use geospatial computing platform Meeting user expectations for access and processing of Earth Observation data using open standards. The OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) for interoperable access to hundreds of geo-algorithms Use of cyberinfrastructure standards for access and geoprocessing vital to achieving the vision of GEOSS. GEO Pioneers making vast amounts of Earth Observation data for solving difficult problems in the Societal Benefit Areas. Contributions from hundreds of organizations for substantial achievements, cross-cutting all Societal Benefit Areas. © 2011 Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. 10

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