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Internet Advertising © 2001 Ann Schlosser, University of Washington Business School.

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1 Internet Advertising © 2001 Ann Schlosser, University of Washington Business School

2 Agenda Permission marketing Banner advertising Optimization

3 To Opt-In or Opt-Out Opt-in –Send messages only to those who request them –Default = not included in list –Result: smaller lists (48.2% participate) –Favored by consumers –Risk missing new opportunities –Policy employed by EU Opt-out –Send messages to people unless they request NOT to get messages –Default = included in list –Result: larger lists (96.3% participate) –Favored by firms –Introduce to US Congress as baseline privacy law “When I get a spam that only says ‘Click here to opt out,’ that really annoys me. That’s not permissions marketing.” – Seth Godin, author of Permission Marketing.

4 Dear cadrys, Several times a month, eBay sends out valuable email communications with news, offers and special events that help you buy and sell. Unfortunately, we have noticed that an error occurred during your registration process that prevented you from receiving these communications. Many of your Notification Preference defaults were set to "no" rather than to "yes", which means that unlike other eBay members, you're not receiving these types of communications. We'd like to resolve this problem quickly and efficiently. Therefore, on 1/8/01, we returned all your Notification Preferences to the standard default of "yes" to put you in line with the rest of the eBay community. However, we want you to choose your Notification Preferences rather than rely on our standard defaults and will therefore not include you in any communications until 1/23/01. This will provide you with some time to evaluate these choices and modify your Notification Preferences. You will, however, continue to receive certain administrative emails that are part of executing your eBay transactions. eBay : Where "Opt-out" Means "Keep Trying" Posted at

5 Familiarity with E-Mail Marketing Models RetentionAcquisition

6 Member Registration

7 Customization and Testing

8 Business Process Rules

9 Proprietary Network, Partner Network or Hybrid? Individual consumers Partner websites Clients ?? Arguments based on: Economics Branding Data quality

10 Arguments for Proprietary Network Economics Average case: Preferred to partner network if R > $6MM per month With 2 messages/week (each generating 25cents), need over 3 million members Optimistic case: Preferred to partner network if R > $4.16MM per month With 8 messages/week (each generating 25cents), need over 520,000 members Branding If defend consumers against marketing abuse, then serve consumers Data quality Those registering at likely willing to provide rich data and are receptive to promotional emails Individual consumers Clients

11 Arguments for Partner Network Economics Proprietary network: If spend $3MM on banner ads (CPM = $30 and CTR of 1%), grow by 1 million members per month Partner network: With 80 partners, each with 25,000 new registrations per month with 50% opt-in, get 1 million members per month Branding Associate with well-liked brand Avoid mass advertising to drive traffic to Data quality Quality data if users are involved in partners’ sites/brands Where register is additional important data Individual consumers Clients Partner sites

12 Member and Client Benefits Members –Valuable promotions –Really avoiding spam? Clients –eTrack –Flat rate of 25 cents per email

13 Attitudes toward Permission vs. Unsolicited E-mail

14 Future of Agents such as Yesmail? Potential pitfalls: –Trust –Demand –Feasibility

15 Yesmail Update Summer 2000: commit to using double opt-in to avoid appearing on Maps’ (Mail abuse prevention system LLC) list of spammers DateMembership size Average monthly growth Partner Network size May 200011 million665,600104 Feb 200114 million1 millionNA

16 Rich Media E-Mail Ad Sent to 100,000 prospects using list 165,000 responses

17 Conversion Costs Across Medium

18 Death of Banner Ads? Paid vs. In-House Ads

19 Banner Ads Full CRM = $28.28 Vertical banner CRM = $54.17 Half CRM =$26.51 Micro CRM = $16.94 New: Skyscraper

20 Greatest Difficulties in Adopting Online Advertising Average of responses on 5-point scale where 1 = least problematic and 5 = most problematic

21 Ad Strategy Across Industries Branding Behavior- based

22 Banner Ads Enhance Awareness and Image

23 B2B Advertising Share of advertising impressions = 7% Number of B2B advertisers making up 50% of online advertising = 18

24 Concentration of B2B Advertising and Work Users

25 Reaching Target Audience

26 Online Media Reveals Three Action Profiles Qualified prospects Traditional advertising targets a qualified audience Online advertising targets ready and motivated consumers All consumers Ready Motivated Qualified prospects

27 Different Media Approaches for Different Profiles

28 Optimization

29 Sample Report from Ad Server Avenue A

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