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…onto a turtles back.. The turtle was using his shovel.

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1 …onto a turtles back.

2 The turtle was using his shovel

3 …to lift up a traffic light.

4 The light says, Go! Shouted the bear

5 …who was eating his lunch with a can opener

6 …out of a boot!

7 The boot stepped on a cactus

8 …so the children hit it with a tambourine

9 …which made it burst like a cannon shooting

10 …a football through the air.

11 The football landed on a bed

12 …a stuffed camel had just made.

13 The camel had BIG teeth!

14 One tooth was loose so he tied it to a pen

15 …and a scarecrow pulled it out.

16 He gave it to a mouse

17 …who dropped it into a banana split

18 …he was serving to a rooster

19 …who loved to play cards

20 …on top of a lawn mower

21 …which was put into a pencil sharpener

22 …to make it as sharp as an eagle

23 …wearing a new suit

24 …made of hair spray.

25 The hair spray came out of a garbage can

26 …wearing a tie

27 …decorated with a dozen starfish

28 …that were clapping for a marvellous gymnast

29 …who performed while playing a saxophone

30 …inside a sand castle.

31 A mirror stuck out of the top of the sand castle.

32 In the mirror was a set of golf clubs

33 …which attracted a friendly skunk

34 …who took it to use as a whisk to mix

35 …into a building until

36 …it looked just like a candied apple

37 …stretched out into a long piece of thread.

38 The thread was used to sew dominoes together

39 …for Santa

40 …to light up a lamp

41 …to shine on his Easter eggs.

42 He catches the eggs with his baseball mitt.

43 His elves use a chair for a bat

44 …and a pillow for home base!

45 Strike three! said the cheese,

46 …Its time for the fireworks!

47 Yippee! said the teakettle

48 …and whistled to the muffin

49 …to bring along her loud quacking duck

50 …who jumped over a basketball hoop.

51 The hoop was being painted with a small paintbrush

52 …which splattered on my pants

53 …and broke a thermometer I keep in my pocket

54 …to check if my fishing pole has a fever.

55 No fever today! sang the calculator

56 …that played a lovely tune on the harp

57 …and sang about hand lotion

58 …found in the high mountains

59 …made from exotic lemonade

60 …cooked over a camp fire.

61 Above the camp fire flies a flag

62 …sewn from facial tissues

63 …pulled out of my fathers old sweater -

64 …the one he loaned to a swan

65 …who drew pictures on a chalkboard

66 …while sitting on a couch

67 …with a bowling ball under the cushion.

68 The bowling ball was as cold as the igloo

69 …the turkey lived in.

70 The turkey wore a necklace

71 …and played songs on a harmonica

72 …about dancing French fries.

73 Palm trees eat French fries!

74 …exclaimed an octopus

75 …who was wearing my special scarf

76 …he stole off a clothes hanger

77 …from my backyard fence!

78 The fence is home to an owl

79 …who always gives Valentines

80 To his sweetheart, the comb

81 …who combed out the frosting on doughnuts

82 …and put it on top of a parachute

83 …that had a lovely picture of an angel on its side.

84 The angel carried dull scissors

85 …to turn broken basketballs

86 …into brand new globes.

87 Bawk! May I have a globe? asked a chicken

88 …perched atop my swing set.

89 One leg of the swing set is held up by a mop

90 …and at the top of the mop is a golden ring

91 …which attracted a toucan passing by.

92 He traded the ring for a sewing machine

93 …to sew a bow

94 …for his pet pumpkin

95 …which will sing in the circus next week.

96 The circus always smells of perfumed

97 …baseballs.

98 When I watch baseball, I drink cherry soda

99 …from a baby bottle

100 …so that I can squirt it on the television.

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