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Preparation of the Body The Development/ Training Programme.

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2 Preparation of the Body The Development/ Training Programme

3 What Information Did You Gather About You Fitness From The Tests? Established that poor fitness has a detrimental effect on your performance. Our general fitness was poor as we only achieved a poor result on the multi stage fitness test. In addition the O.S showed that towards the end of the game my performance became less effective and the number of times I was involved in the game dramatically fell away during the game. What aspects need developed? My general level of fitness was so poor so I had to work on my levels of cardio before going onto anything else

4 How Did You Improve? Designed a development programme and split it into three phases: Pre Season During the season Post season I Followed the principles of training Specificity Progressive overload (F.I.T) Reversibility Monitored progress using standardised tests and O.S every six weeks Set short, medium and long term goals using ‘SMARTER’

5 Development Programme Training outside the activity Training outside the activity you solely work on fitness and you fitness therefore develops far quicker and more effectively. We initially started this way as our fitness levels were so poor we would not have been able to cope with anything else and it was the most effective way to make progress. Training in the activity (conditioned approach) This approach develops physical fitness, skills and techniques, skill related fitness and mental fitness. It takes place in performance contexts. Although the conditioned approach develops skills and fitness your fitness will not improve as effectively as it would when training outside the activity. We progressed onto the conditioned approach when our general fitness level were at a good level and before the season started.

6 Pre-Season The method of training I used was continuous running. I was not able to cope with anything more demanding than continuous running. I followed the principles of training and trained 3x a week, worked in my training zone 70%-85% of my maximum heart rate and I ran for at least 20 minutes. I calculated my training zone by finding out my maximum pulse rate using the following formula- 220-age. I then worked out 70%-85% of this and made sure when I was running that my heart rate was in this range.

7 Pre-Season Cont. Through re-testing, teacher feedback and kinaesthetic feedback I knew that my fitness was improving. I then followed the principle of progressive overload. This was so I could keep improving my level of C.R.E, I also set myself new targets and goals. Progressive overload was achieved by increasing the time I was running for by 5 minutes and I made sure I was still within my training zone. Next I moved onto the more demanding Fartlek Running. As I was now fitter through doing the continuous running I was able to cope with the increased demands of Fartlek Running. Fartlek running was also more appropriate as it related more to the game of football as it involved running at different speeds over varying terrains.

8 Pre-Season Cont. Fartlek Running Fartlek running involved running at different speeds, jogging, walking and sprinting. I followed the same principles of training, starting with a 20 minute run although when sprinting my heart rate may have peaked above my training zone. I used a route round the astro turf and started by sprinting between one set of lamp posts on each of the four sides followed by a walk. I introduced gradual progression after week 1 by increasing the number of lamp posts I sprinted. In week 2/3 I included a new loop to the circuit. The new loop involved running over varying terrains which made the training more demanding as it involved running up hills.

9 Pre-Season – During the Season Towards the end of pre-season and about 5 weeks before the start of the season my fitness was now at a good level. This is when I changed my training from training outside to training in the activity (skill related fitness training or conditioning approach). My C.R.E levels were now good and I was able to cope with the demands of training within the activity. My aim was to still improve my level of fitness but also improve and practice my skills and techniques of football so I was ready for the start of the season.

10 Skill related fitness session Skill related fitness session to improve fitness and skills and techniques of football. 1. Short, Short Long- Agility/ passing 2. Speed dribble- Coordination/ dribbling 3. Shooting- agility/ speed 4. 2v1- movement anticipation 5 minutes on each practice with high intensity so you were in your training zone throughout the session.

11 Skill Related Fitness Session In this session I still had to follow the principles of training. This was achieved by training three times a week (frequency). When working in all four practices I made sure my pulse rate was always in my training zone (Intensity). I started by working on each station for 5 minutes and as there was four stations this meant I was working for a total of 20 minutes (Duration). Although this approach does not improve my fitness as much as it would when training outside the activity this approach was suitable. It was suitable because it was specific to football.

12 The season was also about to start which meant I had to improve on my skills and techniques of football so they were at a good standard for the start of the season. This also allowed me to develop skill and mental aspects of fitness.

13 Post Season Final re-test at the end of your programme Have you met your targets? Have you improved How much have you improved What are your future development needs Active rest, break from the competitive game Retain a good level of general fitness by jogging or swimming

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