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Science Fair Logbooks.

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1 Science Fair Logbooks

2 Keeping a Logbook One of the most important aspects of doing a science fair project is documentation. Every experiment should be reproducible and the entries in your notes should be sufficient for someone else to reproduce the experiment.

3 Keeping a Logbook You will work out your thinking and the development of your problem in the notebook. The scientific notebook is a bound or spiral book with pages that are not removable. The validity of your documentation partly depends upon insuring the work has not been tampered with or pages removed.

4 Teams Each member of a team must have their own logbook.

5 Setting up a Logbook

6 Step 1 Write your name on the front cover of the logbook.
On Page 1 write: Your name Your partner’s name (if you are in a team) Title of your project Somerset Berkley Regional High School Teacher: Mr. Croft

7 Step 2 Number every page in order at the upper corner along the outside edge of the pages. 24 25

8 Step 3 Leave Page 2 blank.

9 Step 4 On Page 3, write the Table of Contents: Table of Contents
Choosing a Project…………. Page 5 Literary Research……..……. Page Daily Log………………...…. Page Experimental Research..……. Page

10 Step 5 Leave Page 4 blank.

11 Step 6 Choosing a Project – Page 5
Record all project ideas from the summer assignment and any submitted since then. For your accepted topic provide: A summary of your topic Problem (in the form of a question) Hypothesis (If… then…)

12 Step 7 Literary Research
Record any reference sources used for your research paper. Staple your research paper into this section. Leave a couple pages to include any future research that needs to be recorded (websites, books, notes, etc.).

13 Step 8 Daily Log Record what you do every time you work on your science fair project. Start each entry on a new page. Date each entry.

14 Step 8 Daily Log – You can already add entries!
Working on Summer Assignment (1-3+) Submitting Science Fair Topics (1+) Topic Approval (1) Working on Research Paper (2-3+)

15 Step 9 Experimental Research – last ¼ of the logbook
Staple your procedure into the beginning of this section. This section includes: Data Observations Graphs Analysis of your results after each trial

16 General Guidelines Separate the sections of your logbook with adhesive tabs. Record everything - no detail is insignificant. Cross out mistakes with a single line (do not cover up the entire entry – whiteout, marker, etc.).

17 General Guidelines Tape, staple, or glue computer print-outs, photographs, etc. into the logbook. You should take pictures throughout the experimentation phase of your project for your logbook and display board.


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