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Roman Emperors/ The Crazy Emperors Mr. Hawthorne Western Civilization.

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1 Roman Emperors/ The Crazy Emperors Mr. Hawthorne Western Civilization

2 The Julio-Claudian Emperors (Successors of Augustus) Tiberius (adopted son of Augustus) –Ruled 14- 37 AD Caligula (grand-nephew of Tiberius) –Ruled 37- 41 Claudius (uncle of Caligula) –Ruled 41- 54 Nero (step-son of Claudius) –Ruled 54- 68

3 Tiberius (ruled 14-37 AD) Distinguished general Adopted by Augustus, since he was out of relatives Forced to divorce his wife and marry Augustus daughter, Julia Long reign created stability during transition after Augustus Struggled with remnants of Republicappointed people to hold the offices of consul, senator, etc.

4 Caligula (ruled 37-41 AD) Designated emperor by Tiberius Lacked leadership qualities and abilities Grew up in a military setting Ruled with cruelty and violencecalled a monster and drained the treasury Murdered in 41 AD by own guards

5 Caligula Well-liked & then became ill-almost died When came back- determined to prove immortality –sat in temples –dressed as one of the gods –engaged in conversations with gods Elected horse (Incitatus) to senate or consul

6 Caligula Contd Humiliated senators making them serve him & sisters like slaves Alex was his idol... built bridge of boats over Bay of Baiae & rode horse across wearing Alexs breastplates Assassinated after 4 years of rule by guards in secret passage (pg. 191)

7 Claudius (ruled 41-54 AD) Succession backed military force –Insistence for emperor Changed Roman government: enrolled men in Senate from a province outside of Italy and employed freed slaves

8 Claudius Contd Cowering behind curtain when chosen as emperor Birth defect/seizure gave him deformed physique, shaking head, strange expressions, & stammering speech Problem with drinking, gambling, & women –Fourth marriage was to his niece

9 Nero (ruled 54-68 AD) Took over at 16 Musician and actor Popular with the poor sponsored public festivals and handed out cash Unpopulardrained the treasury, excessive charges of treason Commanders in the provinces rebelled and brought down regime, Nero commits suicide

10 Nero Contd Killed his mother & numerous senators who he felt threatened by (195) Confiscated peoples estates In disguise, roamed streets at night, mugging, stealing & sexually assaulting people Divorced & exiled first wife-married mistress, had head of ex brought to new wife Kicked pregnant wife to death Blamed for burning down Rome to build his estate - Known for Devil Went Down to GeorgiaDevil Went Down to Georgia

11 More Nero!!! First to persecute Jews & Christians Trapped people in his own concerts for days at a time Abandoned by all, stabbed himself in throat before he was captured

12 The Pantheon Once a temple to Roman gods, today the Pantheon is a Christian church

13 Hadrians Wall Many stones have been removed for other building projects

14 The Colosseum An amphitheater capable of seating 50,000 (often used for gladiatorial contests)

15 Inside the Colosseum Underground vaults and tunnels were used to house animals and slaves

16 The Appian Way This was the first major Roman road - it connected Rome with SE Italy


18 Roman aqueducts This Roman-built structure is in modern-day France and was powered by gravity (descended only 17 meters over 31 miles)

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