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Sentence Stretching Write On Activity.

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1 Sentence Stretching Write On Activity

2 Choose a sentence to stretch on your notebook paper.
The dog ran. A baby cried. Some men worked. That lady cleaned. Our teacher talked. His dad drove.

3 The dog ran. Who’s dog?

4 ____’s dog ran. What size is the dog?

5 ____’s ____ dog ran. What color is the dog?

6 ____’s ____ _____ dog ran.
Where did the dog run?

7 ____’s ____ _____ dog ran_____.
Why did the dog run?

8 ____’s ____ ______ dog ran_____ to ________.

9 A baby cried. Which baby?

10 A _______baby cried. How did the baby act?

11 A ______ _______baby cried.
When did The baby cry?

12 A ______ _______baby cried _______ .
Why did The baby cry?

13 A ______ _______baby cried _______ because ________.
Well, someone check on it!

14 Some men worked. When did they work?

15 _____some men worked. What kind of men?

16 _____some ______ men worked.
What did they do?

17 _____some ______ men worked on __________.
I’ll bet they were tired!

18 That lady cleaned. Which lady?

19 That _____ lady cleaned.
How did she clean?

20 That _____ lady ______ cleaned.
What did she clean?

21 That _____ lady ______ cleaned _________.
I hate housework!

22 Our teacher talked. Who is he talking to?

23 Our teacher talked to _______.
How did he talk?

24 Our teacher _____ talked to _______.
When did he talk?

25 _________ our teacher ______talked to _______.
Should I be taking notes?

26 His dad drove. How did he drive?

27 His dad drove________. When did he drive?

28 ___________ his dad drove________.
Where did he drive?

29 ___________ his dad drove________ to ________.
Maybe I should offer to drive next time.

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