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New Generation Network GN2 Project Tomaž Kalin

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1 New Generation Network GN2 Project Tomaž Kalin

2 GN2 Project Commission contribution 100 M Proposal submission 2 October 2003 Evaluation Negotiations November - December Start ~ September 2004 New GN2 network 1Q 2005

3 Objectives of the GN2 Network Provide IP connectivity for NRENs - yearly growth 2x to 3x Provide high bandwidth for special applications Provide services for Grids Establish customer empowered networks Responsive to the expectations of the community

4 New Paradigm GÉANT - emphasis on core network NREN connecting to PoPs Change in the basic approach End-to-End QoS Whole chain Responsibility of the whole community Close co-operation

5 Technology Investigation of Transmission Costs Skepticism re 40 Gbps OEO cross connects interesting All Optical some way off Emphasis on AAA and Control issues

6 Service Activities Procurement and Cost Sharing Network Operations and basic Services End to End Quality of Service Connectivity to other World Regions

7 Joint Research Activities Performance Measurement and Management Security New Service Development Test-Beds Ubiquity (Mobility) and Roaming Access to Services

8 Networking Activities Management Public relations Events and conferences RTD support NREN developments and support Foresight study (SERENATE 2)

9 Global Europe - new members (NRENs !!!) GTREN Latin America Asia South Africa EUMEDCONNECT SEREEN 2 or a more stable arrangement

10 Conclusion Exciting Technology path still not finalised Large performance increase Closer to the end user Joint exercise

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