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David E. Culler University of California, Berkeley 2/11/05.

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1 David E. Culler University of California, Berkeley 2/11/05

2 TinyOS Tech Exchange II The 2 nd TinyOS Technology Echange

3 2/11/05TinyOS Tech Exchange II The Core Challenge Maintain a rapid pace of innovation –supporting a diverse set of research investigations –demonstrate implementation of concepts –Rough Consensus, Working Code while Providing a stable platform with predictable growth –allow industry to grow around it –allow application deployments (study, demo, pilot, etc.) –research continually folds back in »stand on shoulders, not feet

4 2/11/05TinyOS Tech Exchange II Much has happened since TTX TinyOS 1.x solidified and widely used –de facto standard in the WSN space IEEE standard radio (802.15.4) arrived –Chips sampled late november, working motes by new years Many new interesting TinyOS platforms –Telos, MicaZ, Eyes, iMOTE, iMOTE2, TIP, BTNODE 3, CSIRO, DSYS25, Todays first panel Made good on release plan, working groups, BSD-like committers ~monthly 1.1.x releases –Stable even release => TinyOS 1.2

5 2/11/05TinyOS Tech Exchange II An Active Community Downloads since 02/2004 VersionWindowsLinux 1.1.054,6272,576 1.1.4773865 1.1.51228355 1.1.616591031 1.1.744281993 1.1.8958262 1.1.91269295 1.1.10885186 * from Mailing lists 598 TinyOS 789 TinyOS-help Crossbow: - ships over 100,000 motes, over 2,000 groups, 100 kits/month, 15 training classes - micaz fcc certified and ARIB certified in japan

6 2/11/05TinyOS Tech Exchange II Important Developments Robust, reliable, usable, it really works over-the- air network programming => Deluge Many substantial applications –1,000 node tracking demonstration by DARPA NEST »OSU, UCB, Vanderbilt, Mich, UT, UIUC, UVA, … –Month in the life of the redwoods –Intel Fabrication Plant monitoring, BP tanker monitoring –Building automation, vineyards, microclimate –and many others Multihop network getting pounded into shape => XMESH Management is now critical => SNMS

7 2/11/05TinyOS Tech Exchange II and international download distribution

8 2/11/05TinyOS Tech Exchange II So…

9 2/11/05TinyOS Tech Exchange II Laying a solid foundation for the future TinyOS 2.0 –established a community technical working group process –tackle the most pressing potential barriers to robustness and innovation »Platform abstraction, Key Interfaces, Network Types, service support Large scale testbeds –Understand distributed algorithm dynamics as they emerge –Selection through demonstration of technical quality Nurture the industrial ecosystem

10 2/11/05TinyOS Tech Exchange II and some fun

11 2/11/05TinyOS Tech Exchange II What wed like to achieve Today: –Rich exchange of ideas, accomplishments, experiences –Good picture of developments of the past year –Next steps, working groups, tasks For TTX III –Continued active research community –Much more community contribution of source code –Constellation of active working groups –Production deployments

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