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TinyOS 1.2 TinyOS Technology Exchange II The TinyOS 1.2 Working Group.

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1 TinyOS 1.2 TinyOS Technology Exchange II The TinyOS 1.2 Working Group

2 TTX II2 11.ii.2005 Why 1.2? TinyOS 1.x has reached the limits of its design. Time to move on. However many existing 1.x deployments exist. We don't want to abandon them. Let's take advantage of change of focus to provide cleanup and stability to 1.x code base.

3 TTX II3 11.ii.2005 TinyOS Development Path Odd minor releases experimental, research-oriented. Even minor releases stable, deployment-oriented. 1.x (2000 - 2004) 1.1 – Release currently in general use. 1.1.10 – Current release. Mostly stable, in general use. 1.2 – The stable, cleaned up 1.1. 1.2.0 – First stable release. Based on 1.1.10. 1.3 – Any future development on 1.x tree. Berkeley will not be doing further work on 1.x past 1.2 Whether it exists will depend on community interest. 2.x (2004 - ) Details in 2.0 presentation.

4 TTX II4 11.ii.2005 Goals Change as little as necessary. Clean up existing code, don't add new Remove dead interfaces, components, applications Provide up-to-date documentation Tools exist (NesDoc), just need to fill in holes. More signposts: a README in every pot. Testing, testing, testing... The prime directive: If it's not tested, it doesn't go in. Testing framework exists, components are being imported

5 TTX II5 11.ii.2005 What goes in to 1.2.0 Based on 1.1.10 (effective feature freeze). Remove code that's not in use (esp. leftover from pre-1.0). Only the core: apps/, tools/, tos/. No contrib/, no beta/. Portions of those directories may be promoted later. Platforms: Keeping Mica family, Telos family. Others (e.g. Rene) will probably go (can't test them.) Hardware support: Timers, radio stack, sensor stack, serial stack, generic comm. Software: scheduling, basic routing, TinySec, Regression testing.

6 TTX II6 11.ii.2005 Schedule 1.2.0 out March 15. Further imports of 1.1.x features follow, with revisions every couple of months. We don't expect there to be more than a few minor releases to 1.2. It should stabilize quickly and then change very little.

7 TTX II7 11.ii.2005 What 1.2 means for you How do I continue to use 1.1? Don't. If you need 1.x switch to 1.2. There will be no further 1.1.x releases. When should I use 1.2? If you have an existing 1.x code base you want to support. In particular if you have customers. Should I use 1.3? There may not be a 1.3. Depends on community involvement. Focus of TinyOS development will be 2.0.

8 TTX II8 11.ii.2005 Participation More than just welcome: if you have a stake in 1.2, speak up. TinyOS 1.2 WG Will keep up-to-date list of what's going in. Mailing list: 1.2wg 1.2wg Join if you want to have an active part in what goes in.

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